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Managed Security Services (MSSP)

Break The Attack Chain 
Protech Your People

Our Powerhouse of Managed Cybersecurity 

Prismware Managed Cybersecurity solutions and support provide you with the necessary visibility, expertise, and technology to effectively thwart attackers. 

Managed Detection

We detect potential threats quickly and accurately using a comprehensive threat library and unique analytics. 

Vulnerability Assessment 

Stay ahead of cyber threats by identifying vulnerabilities and risks to ensure digital asset safety and security. 

Managed Response

Our SOC responds to alerts 24/7. A team of threat hunters investigates and remediates any issues. 


Our skilled security analysts can provide guidance and expertise for top-notch security.

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Let Us Manage Your Security

The objectives you face while striving for round-the-clock safeguarding of your business. Now resolved! 

Protect my cloud 

Manage my SIEM / EDR 

Eliminate alert fatigue 

Pentest my applications and infrastructure 

Make my legacy tools function seamlessly as a unified system 

Become compliant 

Protect my Office 365/ Google Workspace / G Suite 

Get a SOC overnight and a 24x7 MDR 

Buy security tools I need 

Access 24/7 dark web monitoring / External surface monitoring 

Safeguard from ransomware attacks 

Automate incident response   

Get security ROI reports in real-time 

Take measures against supply chain attacks 

Assess potential risks and protect my external vulnerability 

Our Beliefs

We, with a mission-oriented approach, strongly believe

Cyber risk can't be 

But it is possible to lower it in a manner that is both economically sound and responsible. 

Vulnerability can be

Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities proactively can reduce the chances of successful attacks. 

Cyber-attacks are

By preparing well, detecting issues quickly, and having effective response capabilities, you can reduce the chances of success and limit potential impact. 

Customized Cybersecurity solutions

The cybersecurity providers you work with must have a deep understanding of your business and can provide relevant security outcomes. 

More investment isn't only sometimes the solution

Enhancing current cyber investments can lead to better security outcomes. 

Collaboration is critical to effective cybersecurity

It's a fact that the constantly changing threat landscape will always be a challenge for most organizations due to limited resources. 

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