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Accelerate Developer Productivity

As a Microsoft partner, you have a unique opportunity to help customers take advantage of the power of AI-assisted development tools and the Microsoft developer platform so that customers can innovate faster and accelerate delivery of intelligent apps.

Product Developer

Better, more responsive protection


higher total shareholder returns


higher operating margins


higher innovation scores

Consider developer velocity through the lens of a more comprehensive metric—embracing all facets of the SPACE framework discussed earlier. This perspective on developer productivity is crucial, as highlighted by McKinsey, revealing that companies in the top quartile of developer velocity consistently outshine their peers in the market.

These top-performing companies boast impressive statistics, including a remarkable 60% higher total shareholder returns, a substantial 20% increase in operating margins, and an outstanding 55% higher innovation score. Now, the question becomes: How can you elevate your developer velocity to join this elite tier of success?

Leading the way with developer velocity are
AI, DevOps, and Cloud

AI-enabled productivity

Frictionless security for developers

Intelligent automation and DevOps

Unified tools across the enterprise

Supercharge Developer Productivity with Microsoft: The SPACE Framework

Embark on a journey to redefine developer productivity through our unparalleled developer platform. Forget the traditional metrics; we're introducing the SPACE framework – a holistic approach that encompasses satisfaction, well-being, code performance, collaboration, communication, and efficient workflow. Dive into the details at

At Microsoft, we understand that developer productivity goes beyond lines of code. It's about minimizing friction, maximizing focus, and crafting the future. With 78,000+ developers, 5,000+ security experts, and support for 100M+ developers on GitHub and Visual Studio, we've honed key insights:

  • Every productivity boost matters at scale – AI is the catalyst.

  • Security should seamlessly integrate into the developer experience.

  • Intelligent automation and DevOps are essential for enterprise agility.

  • Collaboration thrives with unified tools across the enterprise.

Why does it matter? Because we're not just driving productivity; we're shaping the future of development.

We can help you unleash your
developer's creativity

The Microsoft developer platform offers world-class AI and Machine Learning innovations that speed up your coding process. As a trusted partner, we know the ins and outs of setting up this platform. We can help show your developers how to access generative AI-assisted workflows. We'll also provide access to Microsoft's state-of-the-art developer tools and principles to lead you down the path toward full assembly.

Along with resilience and reliability

Site Health Matters

Downtime isn't just a glitch; it's a costly disruption. Site outages can lead to substantial revenue loss, tarnish your brand, and leave customers dissatisfied.

DevOps Dynamics

Interconnected systems and continuous deployment demand rapid issue detection. DevOps practices unveil problems swiftly, requiring proactive solutions for seamless operations.

Accelerated Digitization

COVID-19 propels the digital shift. Service disruptions now carry heightened consequences, emphasizing the urgency of resilient online platforms.

Empowering Developers

Security and quality assurance now start earlier. Developers play a pivotal role in validating app quality, performance, and scalability, shaping a proactive development lifecycle.

GitHub Copilot can help developers be

More productive

55% of surveyed developers were able to complete a standard task up to 55% faster With GitHub Copilot

More focused

73% of surveyed developers said GitHub Copilot helped them stay in the flow

More energized

87% of surveyed developers said GitHub Copilot helped them preserve mental effort during repetitive tasks

Having the right partner brings it all together

Digital Transformation Services

Prismware can help you take advantage of the Microsoft developer platform

Unleash developer productivity, and satisfaction with the power of AI

Secure what matters

Speed up time
to value with intelligent automation

Unlock a complete toolchain to boost collaboration and maximize ROI

Enhance security from development to production with Microsoft

The Microsoft developer platform helps you write highly secure code, respond quickly to vulnerabilities in your software supply chain, and adopt best practices to protect your development environments. We can help you modernize your environment with high-level security built into the development lifecycle, so that your developers can focus on what they want to do–code. 

We can help you use smarter systems to align to shared objectives

Creating a community of practice to help drive tooling, culture, and process learnings across the company.

Creating integrated and connected services promoting reuse both internally and externally

Building privacy, security, and accessibility standards into our workflow

Accelerate developer productivity

We believe the best resource for developer success is having the right platform and people to help you deploy it. As a trusted Microsoft partner, we have expertise in helping customers enhance their development best practices. That's why we recommend the Microsoft developer platform to help developers build more easily, collaborate better, and deploy code faster. The platform offers ready-to-code, self-service offerings with easy integration across your desired tech stack to help you avoid tool sprawl and siloed development teams. Combined with our consulting advice, you can rest assured you'll get the tools and support you need to implement and maintain the dynamic solution.

A single portal with access to all tools and features

Flexibility in third-party integrations to avoid vendor lock-in

Suggested code and entire functions in real-time with GitHub Copilot

Entire development lifecycle tools with Codespaces and Microsoft Dev BoxPackages and Azure DevOps

A centralized development of backlogs with GitHub Actions/
Packages and Azure DevOps

The most comprehensive IDE for .NET and C++ developers on Windows with Visual Studio

Next steps

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we can advise you on identifying opportunities to improve your development solutions with the power of AI-assisted development tools and the most comprehensive development platform. We offer the complete toolbox and suite of products from Azure DevOps/GitHub/Visual Studio to help you innovate faster and accelerate the delivery of intelligent apps.

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