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Advanced Endpoint Management Solutions with Intune Suite

Microsoft Intune Suite unifies a series of advanced endpoint management and security capabilities. The capabilities of the suite are integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Security across endpoint platforms for both cloud and co-managed devices.

Business Conversation

The world today

Growing security risks

68% of organizations have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data and/or their IT infrastructure.

Changing work habits

87% of employees offered flexible work options use them, working remotely at least three days per week.

Complex IT management

72% of organizations reported increased complexity within their IT environment over the past two years.

Economic uncertainty

75% of organizations pursued security vendor consolidation in 2022, up from 29% in 2020.

Endpoint management is evolving
to address these trends

Digital Transformation Services

Today: Organizations still seek to fill scenario gaps…

Application management lifecycle

Improve end user outcomes: reducing IT efforts

Assist employees wherever they are

Enable least privilege access enabling standard users

Access to corporate resources for BYO



This approach results
higher risk and cost


Degraded performance



Larger attack

Prismware understand and is addressing these needs


Microsoft 365 investment

Converge IT and security operation workflows with a common view


on one


Minimize risks tied to 3rd-party integration

Endpoint Privilege Management

Enforce least
privilege access



Deliver key

Digital Transformation Services


of organizations say they’ve experienced attacks as a
result of unmanaged or poorly managed endpoints.

Digital Transformation Services

Mitigate systemic risks and vulnerabilities of local admins

  • Automatic, user-confirmed, or
    support-approved elevation

  • Insights based on elevation audits

  • Rules based on organizational requirements

  • Easy addition or removal of rules

  • Tenant level enablement, per device rollout

Coming soon

  • Support approved elevation

  • Require MFA for elevation

  • Pre-defined elevation templates

Enhance Security through Least Privileged Access Control

Limit the attack surface and fortify your organization's defenses by implementing the principle of least privileged access. This strategic approach significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access by ensuring that local admins have only the minimum access required for their roles. By adhering to this principle, you not only protect sensitive corporate data but also bolster your overall cybersecurity posture.

Boost Productivity with Policy-Based Elevation Management

Empower your IT workflows and amplify employee productivity without compromising on security. Our policy-based elevation management system streamlines access control, allowing for efficient and secure execution of tasks. This ensures that employees have the necessary permissions to perform their duties while maintaining a robust security framework. Strike the perfect balance between productivity and protection.

Gain Actionable Insights with Comprehensive Elevation Monitoring

Uncover a detailed and insightful panorama of elevation activities across your organization. By implementing our solution, you gain a comprehensive view into the elevation events transpiring within your system. This heightened visibility equips you with the knowledge needed to proactively manage access, identify potential security threats, and maintain a proactive security stance. Stay informed, stay secure.

Remote Help

Support workers anywhere



security risks

Digital Transformation Services


of organizations say providing IT support for remote workers is one of their biggest challenges.

Digital Transformation Services

Secure and easy-to-use, cloud-based remote assistance

  • Trusted help desk support for users

  • Role-based access controls

  • Device compliance warnings

  • Session reporting

  • ServiceNow incident details

  • Annotations, chat, and more

Coming soon

  • Conditional access

  • Copy/paste of files and text

  • Launch from Intune

Mitigate security risks and enhance efficiency with our Remote Help solution, fortifying your Zero Trust architecture. Here's how we revolutionize your support experience

Secure Connections Anywhere: Enable IT and help desk workers to connect securely to devices across your organization, regardless of location. Our cloud-based solution ensures robust security, adhering to Zero Trust principles.

Boost Efficiency: Respond to service issues swiftly and effectively. Empower IT teams to troubleshoot problems with ease, reducing time to mitigation. Our solution streamlines the support process for heightened productivity.

Support Workers Anywhere: Provide a trusted avenue for connecting employees to the help they need, no matter where they are. Our role-based access control allows administrators to configure permissions, ensuring a tailored and secure support experience.

Robust Security Features:

  • Role-based access control for precise configuration of support permissions.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 for device compliance warnings, keeping helpers informed.

  • Session reporting for a transparent overview of support interactions.

Build Trust with Visual Verification: Establish trust before connections are made. Display Azure AD profile pictures, company details, names, titles, and verified domains, fostering transparency between help desk and users.

Centralized Management: Experience a seamless, centralized setup in the Endpoint Manager admin center. Whether starting a trial or expanding licenses, our solution offers an easily manageable experience.

Live Demo Scenario: Set the stage in the first 20 seconds, showcasing the power of Remote Help in a real-world scenario. In our demo, Adele from Qantas seeks assistance with her media player issue.

Detailed Demo Highlights:

  • Investigative steps using ServiceNow integration for past ticket insights.

  • Conditional access policies for strong authentication and multi-factor authentication.

  • Visual verification process for a secure connection initiation.

  • Troubleshooting with script execution, demonstrating ease and efficiency.

  • Seamless integration with security policies for informed decision-making.

Experience Seamless Support with Remote Help! Witness the future of secure and efficient IT support. Explore the possibilities with our Remote Help solution. Click below to delve into a world where security meets efficiency.

Microsoft Intune plans*

Intune Plan 1

Included in EMS E3 or  Microsoft 365 E3, ME5, F1, F3, and Business Premium

Intune Suite

Add to Plan 1 to utilize
these solutions

Included solutions*

  • Remote help

  • Endpoint Privilege Management

  • Advanced Endpoint analytics

  • Advanced app management

  • Cloud certificate management

  • Future advanced solutions**

  • All Intune Plan 2 features


  • Intune Plan 1

Intune Plan 2

Add to Plan 1 to utilize
these features:

Included features**

  • Tunnel for Mobile App Management

  • Specialty device management

  • Future advanced capabilities**


  • Intune Plan 1

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