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Modernize Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Azure Virtual Desktop

These campaigns aim to emphasize the advantages of customers upgrading their virtual desktop infrastructure to Azure Virtual Desktop. By showcasing the benefits, they aim to encourage the modernization of desktop environments. The focus is on highlighting how this transition enhances efficiency, scalability, and overall user experience. Ultimately, these campaigns aim to drive awareness and adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop for a more streamlined and advanced desktop computing environment.

Virtual Meeting

The shift to remote work creates
many challenges

Organizations need to

Adopt technology that enables secure, remote work regardless of device or location

Revamp their technology to be more responsive when facing unprecedented changes

Evaluate cloud solutions to deliver better security and scalability

Implement solutions that are cost-optimized

Navigating the landscape of remote and hybrid work presents organizations with a dual challenge and opportunity. In adapting to this paradigm shift, businesses find themselves compelled to concurrently discover, adopt, and deploy technologies that ensure the secure facilitation of remote and hybrid work. This demands a comprehensive revamping of their technological infrastructure, enhancing responsiveness in the face of unprecedented changes.

To succeed, organizations are actively evaluating a spectrum of cloud solutions tailored to meet their specific business needs, prioritizing both security and scalability. The key lies in implementing solutions that seamlessly address these multifaceted challenges while remaining mindful of cost considerations. How are organizations managing to tackle these complex issues simultaneously?

Cloud VDI can provide a flexible, cost-effective way to address current  IT challenges and unlock new use cases

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Data security

Improve regulatory compliance and IP protection via data centralization and a reduced threat surface.

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Disaster recovery

Help ensure continuity and access for your workforce and company data even in the most challenging circumstances.

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High-capacity computing

Cloud-scale compute and storage to support specialized workloads like design and development.

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Temporary workforces

Simplify and accelerate the onboarding and offboarding process for elastic workforces.

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BYOPC programs

Enable secure virtual desktops, even on personal devices.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Provide seamless transitions and access for growing businesses.

Virtualization empowers organizations by:

  • Safeguarding data and organizational resources while facilitating diverse user access.

  • Providing out-of-the-box documentation and systems to ensure compliance with industry and local regulations (e.g., financial services, healthcare, government).

  • Granting on-demand access to IT services for a flexible workforce, ideal for scenarios like mergers/acquisitions, short-term employees, contractors, and partners.

  • Meeting employee-specific needs such as BYOD or mobile staff, call centers, and branch workers.

  • Supporting specialized workloads, including design/engineering, legacy apps, and software development and testing.

Access Windows 11 and Windows 10 from virtually anywhere

Provide access to Windows 11 and Windows 10 on a variety of devices

Deliver a seamless experience on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams

Personalize the Windows 11 and Windows 10 virtual experience with roaming user profiles

Elevate Productivity Anywhere, Anytime with Azure Virtual Desktop!

Empower your workforce with seamless access to Windows 11 and Windows 10, whether on your personal Windows PC, iOS or Android device, or via HTML5.

Experience the full potential of Azure Virtual Desktop and:

Cross-Device Accessibility: Enjoy consistent and reliable access inside and outside the office, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Enhanced Microsoft Office and Teams Integration: Immerse yourself in a flawless Microsoft Office and Teams experience, enriched with features like Multimedia Redirection for optimal collaboration.

Personalized Virtual Experience: Tailor your Windows 11 virtual workspace with persistent user profiles, providing a personalized touch while securely storing user information.

Ready to redefine productivity on the go? Explore the possibilities with Azure Virtual Desktop now!

Maintain full control over configuration and management

Enable GPU accelerated app rendering and encoding on Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts

Empower IT to specify how desktops are distributed across VMs​

Simplify the delivery of company-specific apps to employees with capabilities for external users

When selecting a VDI solution, it's vital to consider how IT teams access, configure, and oversee virtual desktops, apps, and workloads. Azure Virtual Desktop offers a cloud-based solution that streamlines the management of your virtual desktop and app environment, providing customization and optimization.

Tailor your virtualization infrastructure on Azure to meet diverse employee needs and tackle challenges associated with remote work. With Azure Virtual Desktop:

  • Empower IT Control: Specify desktop distribution across virtual machines and customize session host configurations effortlessly during deployment.

  • Streamlined App Delivery: Simplify the deployment of company-specific apps to employees with features like MSIX App Attach and RemoteApp streaming for external users.

Elevate your VDI experience with Azure Virtual Desktop and unlock seamless control and flexibility in managing your virtualized workspace.

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Extending Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities to Horizon Cloud

Broad endpoint support with enhanced remote experience

Global brokering with cloud-optimized architecture

Real-time audio, video and peripheral support

Enhanced user environment

Flexible desktop options and configurations

Hybrid environment management across on-premises and cloud

Accelerate Cloud Adoption with VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure

Unlock the full potential of cloud adoption with VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure, a dynamic solution designed to streamline your journey, enhance cost savings, and elevate the user experience.

Key Advantages:

  1. Hybrid Support for Quick Azure Virtual Desktop Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Azure Virtual Desktop to kickstart your cloud journey swiftly, maximizing hybrid support for a seamless transition.

  2. Unified Management Interface Across Platforms: Enjoy the simplicity of a common management interface across all platforms, ensuring ease of operation and efficiency in your cloud environment.

  3. Enterprise Features for Cost Optimization: Leverage Horizon Cloud on Azure's enterprise features, perfectly aligned with Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities. Optimize costs at scale and implement advanced power management, a crucial element for a successful Windows 10 migration to the cloud.

  4. Exceptional User Experience Focus: Both Microsoft Azure and VMware prioritize an exceptional user experience, making your transition smoother and more user-friendly.

Enhanced User Environment Management: Combine the power of FSLogix and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager for unparalleled user environment management capabilities, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience.

Secure Access with Blast Extreme and Workspace ONE Access: The synergy of Blast Extreme protocol and Workspace ONE Access guarantees secure access to applications and desktops, enhancing overall security and user satisfaction.

Experience the Future of Cloud Efficiency and User Satisfaction!

Embrace the dynamic partnership of Microsoft Azure and VMware. Elevate your cloud journey with advanced features, simplified management, and a user-centric approach.

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