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Build and Modernize AI Apps

Empower your partners with Microsoft's tailored campaign, focusing on generating leads for Minimum Viable Products and facilitating deployments. This initiative centers on constructing innovative applications and revamping existing ones through Azure's app, database, and AI services.

Azure stands out as the sole cloud platform seamlessly integrating modern app development, cloud-scale data, and AI services. By leveraging Azure, your customers gain a competitive edge in the innovation race, unlocking additional revenue streams, reducing lost revenue, and enhancing the attraction and retention of key talent. Elevate your approach to app development and AI integration with Microsoft's comprehensive solution.

Texting at Work

Trustworthy AI systems should be
designed with


AI systems should treat people fairly so key checks and balances are in place to help mitigate fairness issues.


AI systems should empower and engage everyone. Model development must address potential barriers.

Reliability and safety

AI systems should perform reliably and safely. Rigorous monitoring, tracking, and validation make this possible.


AI systems should be understandable. This requires communication about systems’ limitations and characteristics.

Privacy and security

AI systems should be secure and respect privacy. Azure implements a set of measures to protect data.


People involved in design and deployment are accountable for the AI system’s actions and decisions.

This is a new moment for AI


Artificial Intelligence

the field of computer science that seeks to create intelligent machines that can replicate or exceed human intelligence.


Deep Learning

a machine learning technique in which layers of neural networks are used to process data and make decisions.


Machine Learning

subset of AI that enables machines to learn from existing data to make decisions or predictions


Generative AI

create new written, visual, and auditory content given prompts or existing data.

A pivotal moment in the realm of AI is upon us, characterized by a culmination of developments over decades. While it may appear as a new era, several significant milestones paved the way for the transformative potential we witness today.

In the 1950s, Alan Turing introduced the Turing Test, a groundbreaking endeavor to ascertain a computer's ability to emulate human written linguistic fluency. In 1959, Arthur Samuel (of IBM) coined the term "machine learning," rooted in foundational theories of artificial intelligence.

Fast-forward to 2006, and Geoffrey Hinton (University of Toronto) revolutionized the landscape by inventing fast-learning algorithms, coining the term "Deep Learning" to elucidate how AI, based on machine learning, could mimic human learning. Notably, the concept of deep learning predates this milestone.

The introduction of Generative AI, exemplified by ChatGPT, has recently propelled us into a new phase, underscoring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. This juncture marks an exciting moment in the evolution of AI.

Apps are the centerpiece of our digital economy

83% of enterprise decision makers plan to
increase AI spend this year

Apps are where the power of
AI and data come to life

Digital Transformation Services

The widespread integration of AI, particularly generative AI, is poised to bring about profound transformations in applications.

Applications serve as the indispensable digital interface for countless businesses, driving much of their operations. In today's landscape, nearly every company operates as a software company.

The paradigm is shifting further, with almost every enterprise evolving into an AI company. A notable 83% of decision-makers have intentions to boost their AI investments this year.

This shift holds significant implications for your applications, as it is within these platforms that the true potential of AI is fully harnessed.

Generative AI makes apps truly intelligent

Modern apps

  • Modern app development principles

  • Microservices-based architecture

  • Rapid innovation with CI/CD

Intelligent apps

  • Natural language interaction

  • Data-driven, personalized experiences that improve over time

  • Quickly deliver new features

Let's take a moment to delve into the concept of
"intelligent apps."

Intelligent apps encompass software solutions and applications crafted using contemporary development principles such as microservices architecture. These apps integrate AI, data, and analytics to deliver responsive, personalized, and uniquely differentiated user experiences.

Applicable across diverse industries, these intelligent apps can be internal, catering to specific business functions, or external, enhancing customer-facing interactions.

While AI has long brought intelligence to apps, the advent of generative AI is revolutionizing the landscape of intelligent applications. This evolution includes

Natural Language Interactions

Users can now engage with apps in a more intuitive and natural manner.

Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Intelligent apps leverage real-time data to provide highly personalized user experiences.

Context-Aware Applications

Apps can comprehend user context more effectively, thanks to richer and immediate data.

Moreover, with the integration of cloud technology, app design becomes more flexible and adaptable, ensuring a swift response to evolving user needs.

Support innovation and business growth with leading cloud capabilities and a trusted partner.

As businesses feel the pressure to deliver innovative, high-performance apps to attract and retain customers, they can struggle if they work with legacy technology solutions. An outdated architecture can make it challenging to maintain data security, scale operations and app innovation, and guarantee high performance for workloads.

Now is the right time to take critical actions to establish a solid foundation to support business success, innovation, and performance. As an Azure partner, Prismware Technologies, supports Azure implementation so businesses can harness the power of AI, cloud-scale data, and cloud-native app development to deliver adaptive, responsive, and personalized experiences. Here’s how we do it

Streamline complex workflows

Prismwar can guide you to take advantage of Azure capabilities to automate routine tasks and consolidate redundant systems. This allows your team to focus more on high-value tasks that help you modernize your applications and bring new, innovative experiences to market faster. It also enables you to become more cost-efficient as you reduce the number of systems in use.

Optimize application performance

Reduce downtime by up to 25% with Azure. We work with you to identify and configure the right Azure services to improve application performance and cost efficiency. From there, monitoring and scaling strategies are implemented to ensure applications perform well under varying workloads.

Enhance data security and compliance

Access role-based access control, customer-managed keys, regulatory compliance controls, and security intelligence to help ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. As your partner, we can offer ongoing support to monitor and troubleshoot issues and ensure your applications are up-to-date on Azure updates and security patches so that your team can have peace of mind. 

Improve decision-making with data and AI

We can help you leverage Azure AI services and data analytics capabilities to build AI models, implement machine learning algorithms, and extract the most meaningful insights from your data. These learnings are the key to staying ahead of your competition, allowing you to make smarter decisions, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation based on real-time findings.

Drive meaningful business value with intelligent apps

Embracing intelligent apps brings numerous advantages to your business. It enables you to outperform competitors by delivering innovative applications, amplifies employee capabilities, and boosts developer productivity. Additionally, it facilitates business scalability and future-proofs your operations, whether you're currently leveraging AI or not.

Delight customers with next-gen AI-powered apps

Put your data to work with AI Create unique differentiation Build your own copilots

40% decrease in customer support tickets

Rapidly deliver new products that deepen customer engagement

Beat competitors to market Increase user growth & satisfaction Capture incremental revenue

1.5 months faster time-to-market for new apps

Amplify employee capabilities and empower developers to innovate

Accelerate developer productivity Attract the best developer talent Reduce repetitive, costly work

10% to 25% increased developer efficiency

Scale your business and reduce risk with future-ready technology

Streamline IT operations Consolidate redundant systems Improve security posture

Average 10% to 25% reduced app downtime

Modernize and build new intelligent apps

Embarking on this journey involves the revitalization of current applications with the infusion of new capabilities or the development of entirely new applications harnessing AI advancements. To achieve this, a foundational trio is essential: a cloud app platform, extensive data capabilities, and access to pretrained and responsible AI.

Modernize existing apps

Build new apps

Cloud app platform + data at scale + pretrained & responsible AI 

How AI enables opportunities

for your business


Reduction of manual work and enabling employees to reallocate their time to higher-value work.


Increase in work output when automating and scaling processes to benefit of business growth.


Return on investment (ROI),

in benefits of $31.5 million versus costs of $8.2 million.

You can differentiate customer-facing apps and increase productivity with internal apps

In the realm of diverse applications, a consistent set of core use cases emerges for intelligent apps. These universal scenarios cut across industries, leveraging the foundational elements of a cloud app platform, extensive data, and pre-trained and responsible AI.

Key use cases for intelligent apps include

smart products

Transaction processing at scale

Personalize and recommend

Service and support

Information and product discovery

Build your own copilot

These use cases offer versatile applications, each capitalizing on the power of intelligent technologies within a cloud-based framework.

American Airlines

“With the power of Microsoft Azure, American can innovate and accelerate its technology transformation, giving our team members augmented tools to provide our customers with an enhanced travel experience.

Maya Leibman: Chief Information Officer, American Airlines

Unlocking the full potential of existing applications involves infusing them with new cloud and AI capabilities. This modernization not only enhances their value but also paves the way for innovation.

Consider American Airlines, which embarked on a transformative journey by modernizing a vital app as the initial step toward continuous innovation.

American Airlines' Objectives:

  • Streamline business processes

  • Enhance passenger experience

  • Empower team members with tools for a smoother travel process

Starting with the modernization of apps on Azure, they focused on the Customer Hub app, a crucial element in the passenger experience. This app handles real-time customer notifications, automated refunds, frequent flyer mileage tracking, and more, managing over 16 million messages and 17.4 million service calls daily.

The modernization of the Customer Hub resulted in improved performance and capabilities, prompting American Airlines to explore further innovations using cloud and AI technologies.

Their Innovative Solution:

  • Developed a connected products solution applying AI to address a significant business challenge

  • Targeted the issue of unnecessary plane taxi time at airports, aiming to save fuel and enhance passenger experience

  • Created the "Intelligent Gating" app, which ingests real-time data from hundreds of flights and airports daily, along with flight routing and runway information

  • Applied AI to make dynamic routing decisions, automatically assigning the nearest available gate to arriving aircraft

  • Achieved substantial reductions in taxi time, saving thousands of gallons of jet fuel annually and reducing CO2 emissions

This real-time solution exemplifies the capabilities of intelligent apps:

  • Built on a modern platform and architecture

  • Ingesting real-time data from diverse sources

  • Analyzing vast datasets using AI for dynamic decision-making.


I want us to be the most innovative company in our industry, and I trust Microsoft will keep providing the tools we need to do that.”

Shamim Mohammad: Executive Vice President and Chief, Information and Technology Officer, CarMax

CarMax revolutionizes customer experiences with speed and efficiency.


Empower shoppers with insights from over thousands of reviews across a vast inventory of 45,000+ cars. The content team faced the daunting task of manually summarizing reviews, estimated to take 11 years for 5000 car models.


Harnessing the power of generative AI, CarMax achieved an unprecedented output of original content within a few months, a pace previously deemed impossible. This breakthrough not only saved time but also liberated the editorial staff to concentrate on creating higher-value content that leverages their unique skills. The use of AI innovation significantly enhanced the car-buying experience for customers, all achieved at a lower cost.

Leverage the right technology to modernize and build new intelligent apps

Digital Transformation Services

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