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Data and AI Solution

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Image by Microsoft 365

The world is changing, and new forces drive innovation each day.

AI technology
is here now—not five 
years from now.

The potential for meaningful business impact is real.

A copilot for every Microsoft Cloud experience

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Works alongside you in the apps you use every day

Dynamics 365 Copilot

Turbocharge your workforce with a copilot for every job role

Copilot in
Power Platform

Imagine it, describe it, and Power Platform builds it

Microsoft Security Copilot

Defend at machine speed with Microsoft Security Copilot



Increase developer productivity to accelerate innovation

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your work companion. Seamlessly integrated into your everyday apps, Copilot enhances creativity, boosts productivity, and elevates your skills.

Meet Dynamics 365 Copilot, the pioneering AI copilot for CRM and ERP. Revolutionizing business processes across all sectors, Dynamics 365 Copilot is set to transform the way your organization operates.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Works alongside you in the apps you use every day

Natural Language

Large Language Models

Your data

Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft 365 Copilot – Your Ultimate Work Companion.

Copilot seamlessly integrates extensive language models with your Microsoft Graph data, including calendars, emails, chats, documents, and meetings. Harness the collective power of Microsoft 365 apps to transform your words into the ultimate productivity tool.

Build big with generative AI

Azure AI services can empower you to build and deploy your own AI solutions through large language models. Modernize your processes, accelerate development, and run responsibly anywhere with enterprise-grade security.


Filter and moderate content to ensure that coding and language of your AI models are used responsibly and for their intended purpose..


Experience performance that stands out in today’s market and over the horizon—pressure-tested AI across apps, data, and AI infrastructure solutions.

Reliability and safety

AI systems should perform reliably and safely. Rigorous monitoring, tracking, and validation make this possible.

Privacy and security

AI systems should be secure and respect privacy. Azure implements a set of measures to protect data.


AI systems should be understandable. This requires communication about systems’ limitations and characteristics.

Embedded across Microsoft 365 apps

Business Chat brings together data from documents, presentations, email, calendar, notes, and contacts – all using natural language

Digital Transformation Services

Copilot: Supercharging Microsoft 365 in Two Dynamic Ways!

Integrated Brilliance

Seamlessly woven into the fabric of Microsoft 365, Copilot enhances your daily workflow in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Unleash your potential to be more creative, analytical, expressive, and collaborative than ever before.

Revolutionary Business Chat

Introducing a brand-new experience – Business Chat. This innovative feature synchronizes across all Microsoft 365 apps in real time, transforming your data into actionable knowledge. Spend less time on tools and more on impactful work as Copilot summarizes, highlights milestones, and crafts new content with ease.

Ways to infuse generative AI into next-gen app experiences

Content generation

Automatically generate responses to customer queries. Generate personalized UI for your website.


Summarize customer support conversations, financial reports, articles, social media trends.

Code generation

Convert natural language to SQL (or vice versa) for telemetry data, query proprietary data models.

Semantic search

Perform information discovery and knowledge-mining. Search reviews for a specific product or service.

Turbocharge your workforce with Copilot for every job role


Recap sales meetings
Craft customer emails


Generate content ideas
Create audience segments
Simplify customer insights


Create customer responses
Enhance self-service bots

Supply Chain

Predict disruptions


Create product 

Empower Your Business with AI-Enhanced Efficiency

Discover the transformative impact of AI across diverse business function

Sales Acceleration

Sellers propel deals forward swiftly with AI-driven email responses, addressing information requests to proposals efficiently.

Marketing Insights

Marketing teams gain rapid, natural language insights, enhancing decision-making processes effortlessly.

Customer Service Excellence

Resolve customer issues promptly with personalized recommendations, elevating the customer service experience.

Operational Precision

Operations managers anticipate and navigate supply chain disruptions more effectively through AI-driven predictions.

Faster Product Launches

Any-sized business can expedite product launches with AI-generated product descriptions seamlessly integrated with platforms like Shopify.

Dynamics 365 Copilot

Collaborate seamlessly within Dynamics 365 as Copilot aids in generating ideas, expediting content creation, and offering insights—simply by describing your needs.

Explore these capabilities firsthand and witness the potential of AI in optimizing your business operations. Take the leap towards efficiency and innovation—try these features today!

Next-generation AI in Power Platform


Power Apps

Create and deploy smarter apps faster with conversational language and feedback loops


Power Automate

Describe-to-design flows that make complex process automation simple


Power Virtual Agents

Reduce the time and effort needed to build bots that can access more of your information


AI Builder

Integrate AI models and templates with the power of GPT into any product or solution

Unlock AI Power Across the Power Platform! 

Exciting AI features are seamlessly integrating into various products within the Power Platform, revolutionizing the way developers work

Copilot in Power Apps

Developers can now leverage Copilot's natural language interface to describe their desired app and guide Copilot in refining the creation process.

Copilot in Power Automate

Automating processes becomes a breeze with Copilot. During the public preview, makers experienced a remarkable 50% reduction in process flow creation time. Simply articulate your automation goals in natural language, and Power Automate will construct the initial iteration for you.

Power Virtual Agents

Build conversational bots rapidly with natural language in Power Platform. Developers can train bots, refine dialogs, and reduce creation time. Conversation boosters link existing information from knowledge sources to enhance chatbot responses for end users.

AI Builder Integration

Infuse AI capabilities effortlessly into your apps and flows with AI Builder. Now featuring offerings from the Azure Open AI Service, makers can incorporate low-code generative AI models and templates into their projects.


Witness the Magic in Action!
Explore the seamless integration of AI capabilities across the Power Platform. Enhance your development experience, reduce creation time, and elevate the power of your applications and automated processes.

Start building your future with AI

We can advise you on several ways to leverage the Microsoft Cloud and take advantage of the momentous business growth that only AI can provide. Meet with us to get started on your AI journey, and let’s discuss these exciting ways you can accelerate innovation. 

Get your data estate
AI-ready with Azure

Migrating your data can give you the foundation for better AI experiences. 

Start building AI apps

Use Azure AI to power new apps or add AI capabilities to existing services and products.

Increase efficiency and flow with GitHub

Learn how GitHub Copilot improves developer productivity.

Generate ideas and content faster

Perform and automate tasks faster

Get insights and next best actions

The world’s first AI copilot in both CRM and ERP

Copilot features powered by Azure OpenAI Service natively built into Dynamics 365

Build on Microsoft’s trusted and responsible AI foundation

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