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Migrate and secure Windows Server and SQL Server

Azure stands out as the optimal choice for SMBs aiming to migrate and secure Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. With Azure, customers benefit from the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to other clouds, leveraging continuous product innovation, AI integration, hybrid and multicloud management, and robust platform security. This provides a secure foundation for innovation, delivering unparalleled value and unmatched security while allowing businesses to embrace the cloud on their own terms. Our campaign focuses on driving awareness, generating leads, and initiating sales engagement opportunities for SMBs looking to grow efficiently, enhance digital security, and keep their employees engaged through the fast innovation and accelerated delivery of intelligent apps offered by Azure.


Top priorities for small & medium businesses

Growing their

Making their business more efficient

Keeping staff engaged ​and productive​

Enhancing their digital security

Digital Transformation Services

Unlocking Growth for SMBs: Elevate Your Business with Smart Data Management 

Did you know? Nearly 90% of global businesses are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMBs) (1). As these dynamic entities strive for growth, their most powerful ally is their data. SMBs are exploring digital avenues to drive business expansion, enhance staff productivity, fortify digital security, and optimize both agility and savings.

In the realm of aligning technology with business objectives, four key components stand out for SMBs: Security, Business Growth, Employee Engagement, and Operational Efficiency. What might surprise you is the pivotal role your data estate plays in nurturing the vitality of your business. Let's delve into the transformative potential of optimizing how you store and access your data.

Ready to propel your business forward? Let's embark on this journey together.

Secure Your Foundation: Prioritize the protection of your digital assets.

Fuel Business Growth: Leverage your data to drive strategic expansion.

Engage and Empower Staff: Enhance productivity and team morale through effective data management.

Drive Efficiency: Optimize your data estate for enhanced operational agility and savings.

Curious to explore how refining your data strategies can reshape your business landscape? Let's revolutionize your data journey.

Azure addresses your short and
long-term needs

“We can't meet our evolving business needs with our current IT environment.”

Digital Transformation Services

“We need to secure and protect our data and applications."

Digital Transformation Services

“We’d like to be more flexible and scale up and down efficiently."

Digital Transformation Services

Modernization, in the context of addressing current on-premises infrastructure and database challenges, involves tackling common issues. Firstly, outdated servers often fall short of meeting specific business requirements. Secondly, there's a continual focus on enhancing security and ensuring compliance. Lastly, the burden of maintaining legacy databases includes high costs associated with both hardware and software.

Azure is the best choice for Windows and SQL Server

+25 years-experience and innovation

Unmatched Security

Up to 93% cheaper than AWS

Free migration tools and programs

Options to adopt cloud on your terms

Choose Azure for Your Infrastructure and Database Modernization Journey!

Experience the pinnacle of modernization with Azure, backed by Microsoft's 25+ years of unrivaled expertise. Benefit from unmatched security and cost-effectiveness, accompanied by extensive support. Avail yourself of free migration tools and programs, and receive personalized assistance precisely when you need it. With Azure, hybrid capabilities are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to operate servers both on-premises and in the cloud, tailored to your specific requirements. Elevate your infrastructure and database to new heights with Azure's cutting-edge solutions.

Adopt Azure on your terms

Modernize to Azure IaaS and PaaS

adobe 1.png
  • 60+ datacenter regions, more than any other cloud provider

  • Best-in-class networking, storage, and compute performance

  • Easily modernize to flexible PaaS services (eg. Azure Virtual Desktop, App Service, Azure SQL Managed Instance)

Hybrid and multicloud

adobe 2.png
  • Improved security posture and reduced compliance risk by extending Azure security services across your entire environment

  • Full visibility, management and high-availability of business-critical workloads

  • Consistent development and operation experience to run cloud apps anywhere

Migrate VMware
as is

adobe 3.png
  • Use VMware technology stack and team expertise on Azure for symmetry with on-premises

  • VMware subscription licenses included, no on-premises license required

  • Migrate quickly/datacenter exit, no application modifications required

Improve business results with the most value from
Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Higher ROI


Lower cost of operations



12 Months

Empower Your Business with Azure IaaS: Unleash Resilience and Efficiency

In a world of constant change, Azure stands as your steadfast ally, offering not just cost reduction but heightened operational agility. To substantiate our claims, we commissioned Forrester to conduct interviews with nine Azure IaaS customers spanning diverse industries, employing their proven Total Economic Impact methodology.

The results are staggering: Azure IaaS delivers a remarkable 478% ROI, boasting a net present value of nearly $11M, with a rapid payback period of just three months. Beyond financial gains, our clients reclaimed valuable IT staff time and navigated migration seamlessly using Azure’s Hybrid capabilities, all while witnessing reduced data center infrastructure and IT labor costs.

Key Benefits:

  1. Avoided On-Premises Infrastructure Costs: A colossal 90% reduction in on-premises infrastructure costs, translating to savings of $7.3 million. Migration to Azure slashed expenses for servers, databases, operating systems, and data center space.

  2. Avoided On-Premises FTE Costs: Averted on-premises Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) costs amounting to $3.0 million. Azure IaaS enabled a significant reallocation of FTEs, redirecting them from data center infrastructure support to higher-value tasks. Witness how a former data center manager transformed into a stellar business analyst within their organization.

Embrace quantifiable benefits over a three-year investment horizon, and chart your course toward innovation without the burden of legacy operations. Azure IaaS - where resilience meets transformation. 

Azure SQL is the best choice for SQL
Server workloads

Fully-managed and always up-to-date

Get the same SQL experience in the cloud

Up to 93% cheaper than AWS

Built-in, real-time intelligent security

Digital Transformation Services

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