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Migrate Enterprise

Facilitating seamless app migration is a key priority for customers, necessitating investments in time, resources, and skillsets. Gain customer loyalty by assisting them in achieving smoother, quicker migrations with reduced resource requirements using Microsoft Azure.

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The pace of moving to digital is faster than ever


of developer’s time will be spent on innovation this year


of enterprise customers indicate that migrating more apps to cloud is a top initiative


of enterprise decision makers plan to increase AI spend this year

In a post-pandemic world marked by economic shifts, geopolitical complexities, and talent shortages, businesses face the challenge of sustaining and expanding their application portfolios. Extensive investments have been made, with many applications slated for long-term use. However, in the face of rapid change and heightened customer expectations, the question arises: How can companies effectively secure, maintain, and scale their applications to align with evolving business needs?

With more than 50% of developers operating outside the tech sector, there is a growing need for a cloud solution that seamlessly caters to their innovative app-building capabilities. These developers may lack expertise in cloud-native skillsets, emphasizing the necessity for a solution that effortlessly "just works" straight out of the box.

Drive meaningful business value with intelligent apps

Customer value

decrease in customer support requests

Speed to market

Up to 
1.5 months 
faster time-to-market for new apps

Future readiness

Up to 
reduced app 

Employee productivity

decrease in 
manual work

A significant 85% of businesses anticipate adopting a cloud-first approach for new application development. The pivotal move of migrating and developing workloads in Azure is essential to integrating AI as a core element of business operations. Running AI-based applications in the cloud is imperative for businesses aiming to propel their growth and innovation.

Why are businesses choosing Azure for

app development?

Enterprise-grade infrastructure for less

Faster innovation with a fully-managed platform

Trusted cloud security to protect your most valuable assets

Sophisticated AIHybrid flexibility to move to the cloud on your terms

All the pieces are in place to move to the cloud…

Seamlessly transition your on-premises applications—be they .NET, Java, Node, or Python—into the cloud with Azure. Whether operating on Windows or Linux, Azure provides the tools your developers rely on for maximum effectiveness. Leverage Microsoft's established partnerships with industry leaders like VMware and Red Hat, extending the reach of solutions for enhanced capabilities.

  • žYour developers can continue to use the tools, languages, and frameworks they’re familiar with

  • žAll the partnerships we’ve built to support on-prem workloads are available in Azure

  • žYou can focus your resources on innovation and business results


“Given our European expansion ambitions, we would never be able to keep up, building data centers and infrastructure at the same pace as our ambitions, so we needed cloud capabilities to help us reach our goals.”

Lars Einar Harberg

Maya Leibman: Chief Information Officer, American Airlines

Revolutionizing their applications, they transitioned to Azure, harnessing the Azure Migration and Modernization program to standardize development processes. Employing PaaS services such as App Service, they hosted microservices, benefiting from automatic scaling for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Their achievements include an enhanced SLA and Disaster Recovery plan, a notable reduction in development time for improved time-to-market, swift provisioning across global markets, and significant cost savings. Welcome to a modernized era of efficiency and agility.

How can I speed up moving my apps
to Azure?

Sometimes it can be confusing to know whether you should migrate or modernize apps. The reality is that you will most likely need to do both—and it depends on the app. We can work with you to determine the best path forward.

Digital Transformation Services

Why migrate to Azure

Azure supports all approaches and business priorities

Digital Transformation Services

Infrastructure as a Service

Retain full control over the operating system in a cloud migration

Platform as a Service

Offload infrastructure and operating system management to the cloud


Manage and scale containerized applications with ease

Low code

Create modern line of business apps with
minimal coding

Why migrate to Azure managed services

Control costs and optimize scarce  developer talent

Empower all developers to incorporate security, resiliency, and scalability

Compete faster and more effectively by unblocking developer innovation

Control costs and optimize scarce 
developer talent


Business impact

TCO saving versus on-prem or competitive cloud


Business impact

Reduction in app
dev related infra costs


Business impact

3-year ROI with 15-month payback period

Unleash Innovation, Cut Costs with Azure PaaS Hosting

In Azure's fully managed PaaS hosting, organizations pay a single fee for an all-inclusive service covering servers, networks, storage, OS software, databases, and development tools. According to GigaOM's benchmarking study, leveraging Azure PaaS yields up to 54% savings compared to on-premises setups and up to 35% compared to other cloud providers.

Forrester's analysis of Azure PaaS (specifically, Azure App Service) showcases a 40% reduction in infrastructure costs for app development, delivering an impressive ROI of 228% over three years.

Key Advantages of App Service:

  1. Innovation Focus: Direct your investments towards innovation, not infrastructure management.

  2. Operational Simplicity: Shift the operational complexities of your app to the cloud platform.

  3. Seamless Modernization: Embrace modern app development practices without the need for extensive rearchitecting or recoding.

App Service not only helps you avoid unnecessary costs and reduce risks but also addresses skill shortages by leveraging readily available technologies. Discover a transformative approach to hosting that optimizes costs and maximizes innovation.

What can you expect when you migrate and modernize to Azure?

Digital Transformation Services

Migration is a good place to begin.

Prismware Technologies recommends identifying the apps that you can migrate to get started quickly, and then moving on to apps that need to be modernized. Have you had an assessment? We will work with you to identify all the apps you can migrate at scale—and in the process, build a foundation for full modernization. 

Empower Developers with App Service
PaaS Security

App Service, a robust PaaS offering, handles platform security and maintenance, freeing your developers to concentrate on crafting app features. Easily establish scaling rules, connect seamlessly with Azure services, and simplify complexities for your development team.

Simplified Security Integration

Enable non-security experts to effortlessly embed intelligent security and compliance measures into app development.

Proactive Availability Management

Maximize app availability and reliability through proactive monitoring and analytics.

Optimized Performance

Ensure peak performance for your apps and data by seamlessly autoscaling to meet surges and dips in demand.

Empower all developers to incorporate security, resiliency, and scalability


Scalability increase during
peak load/unexpected demand


Easily leverage security features across identity, data, and networking 


Reduction in unplanned
downtime for software upgrades

Unblock developer innovation to grow your business faster

Paas Growth

of tech buyers will prioritize as-a-service consumption models for infrastructure purchases to help contain IT spending growth and fill ITOps talent gaps by 2026

Developer flexibility




Python, and more…


Azure DevOps, GitHub, Docker Hub,
plus package management and much more

Is it hard to work with an existing application stack in Azure?

Work the same way you do now. As a Microsoft partner, we typically see a combination of .NET/SQL apps, along with Java, Oracle, open source, and a mix of LAMP and MEAN stacks. with open-source apps like Java Oracle, open-source. Use them all. Just connect to Azure and use cloud offerings.

The platform manages operational complexity so you can focus on value


Empower all developers to incorporate
security, resiliency, and scalability


Gain immediate benefits by re-platforming your
apps that require minimal code changes in the cloud


Minimize IT infrastructure management costs and
refocus developer efforts to more strategic tasks

Developers don’t need to be experts to secure apps and ensure resiliency


Utilize availability zones, load balancing, and related Azure services such as Defender for App Service


Apps are more resilient and performant, developers have improved awareness regarding app performance


Less downtime, improved customer experience,
reduced costs for troubleshooting security threats

Broad support for languages and DevOps tooling so developers stay productive


Use Azure Migrate to quickly migrate ready-to-move apps, then manage them using your choice of languages & tooling


Configurable load balancing, scaling, and security facilitates faster development cycles for new features


Reduced technical debt, with 99.95% SLA, while allowing developers to use the tools that make them productive

Outcomes with solutions

Control costs and prioritize your scarce developer talent

Leverage a fully-managed service with built-in load balancing, auto-scaling, patching, and backup to reduce costs and improve flexibility

Empower all developers to add security, resiliency, and scalability

Integrated with Azure Active Directory in a secure, compliant, global data center. Support for Microsoft Defender for cloud, and for compliance using built-in policy definitions from Azure Policy.

Compete faster and more effectively by unblocking developer innovation

A high productivity development supporting .NET, Java, Node, and Python, using deployment slots to ensure seamless deployment across staging, test and production.

How do you get started?

Your migration starts with the free Azure Migrate tool to discover and assess on premises resources. You can do this, or we can do it with you. No matter which you choose, Prismware Technologies is ready to help. We can bring valuable expertise and experience, along with the best practices and effective strategies you need to make your project a success.

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