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Modernize SAP on the Microsoft Cloud 

Businesses rely heavily on SAP applications as crucial solutions, and the trend is shifting towards migrating SAP workloads to the cloud, especially with SAP ECC 6 reaching its end of support in 2027. This presents a significant opportunity for SAP customers to modernize their infrastructure. Opting for SAP on the Microsoft Cloud offers a proven and certified cloud platform, ensuring the performance, scalability, and reliability essential for SAP workloads. Microsoft Cloud provides a robust multi-layer security foundation, extensive compliance capabilities, and seamless integration with the Microsoft product ecosystem, facilitating faster adoption of cloud technology and accelerating time to innovation.

Business Meeting

Accelerate savings and business growth with SAP 
on the Microsoft Cloud

More and more companies are turning to SAP on the Microsoft Cloud to gain real-time, intelligent insights for better decision making.


Surveyed respondents who want to lower the cost of IT/operations


Surveyed respondents planning a cloud migration in the next 12 to 24 months2


Predicted spending for digital transformation by 2025

Microsoft and SAP have co-innovated for more than 30 years. SAP on the Microsoft Cloud builds on that trusted partnership with the industry's most performant and scalable SAP cloud infrastructure, including more SAP HANA–certified virtual machines in more regions than any other public cloud provider. With SAP ECC 6 reaching end of support in 2027, you need to start modernizing your infrastructure today. SAP on the Microsoft Cloud offers a modern solution with the agility, security, and business growth you need to succeed.

Multi-layer cloud security for your SAP and
non-SAP environments

SAP on The Microsoft Cloud reduces susceptibility and the impact of​ cyber attacks so that you can focus on productivity and innovation.


Global cybersecurity
spend per minute


Password attacks per



Attacks made against remote management ports in a single month

SAP on The Microsoft Cloud offers unrivaled cloud security for SAP and non-SAP environments, enhancing productivity and accelerating innovation. Secure and seamless access to data and applications helps you collaborate across business workflows. Integration of high-value SAP and non-SAP data gives you advanced analytics and fresh new insights, helping you focus on what matters most.

Enterprises are migrating to the cloud…

Going digital saves money, offers new capabilities, and safeguards data


Surveyed organizations looking for new cloud capabilities to better integrate their ERP systems


Security incidents that can be traced to missing elements that could have been addressed with modern security approaches

With SAP ECC 6 reaching end of support in 2027, SAP customers are also rapidly

moving to the cloud


Surveyed respondents planning a cloud migration in the next 12 to 24 months


SAP customers worldwide who plan to deploy SAP S/4HANA to the cloud

SAP on the Microsoft Cloud

Drive insight, innovation, and productivity to grow your business and reduce costs with the rich portfolio of services across the Microsoft Cloud

The leading cloud platform for SAP

Real-time insights and innovation

Integrated data platform

Unrivaled security and compliance

The total economic output of Azure for SAP


present value


net present value (NPV)




months to reach play back

The leading cloud platform
for SAP

Certified to run mission-critical SAP apps with the performance, scale, and reliability your business counts on.

Cost-efficient, agile alternative to on-premises

Seamless deployment, integration, and operation

A proven cloud platform to replace your outdated systems, drive value and improve resilience

Digital Transformation Services
Image by Microsoft 365

Real-time insights
and innovation

Business-intelligence that speeds time to action and optimizes operations

Democratized decision making

Faster and easier extension of SAP systems

Continuous innovation with third-party integration


Increase in Power BI reports over two years, enabling more same-day decisions


Faster time to market for new products

and services


Increase in revenue performance from increasing data-driven maturity decisions2

Image by krakenimages

App integration

Full integration of SAP, Microsoft, and third-party apps improves productivity and innovation

Data integrated across silos

Advanced analytics for your​ entire data estate

Minimal context switching


Increase, year over year, in active users running third-party and custom apps

Colleagues at Work

Unrivaled security
and compliance

Multi-layer cloud security and industry-leading compliance enhance protection for SAP and related workloads

Best-in-class security

Largest compliance portfolio of any cloud platform

Unmatched availability and recovery options

High levels of performance and reliability


Average avoided cost of a security breach, including downtime and recovery


Average avoided cost of downtime with enterprise-grade infrastructure and effective disaster recovery plans, processes, and systems

Business Plan

The SAP and Microsoft partnership: Move with confidence

More than three decades working together with customers and

using each other’s products

As customer needs evolve, Microsoft and SAP continue to invest, co-innovate, and expand their cloud partnership to provide reliable computing solutions.

Extensive customer overlap, serving most of today’s largest enterprises

Integrated and interoperable products and services, so processes, events, workflows, and security are friction-free

SAP runs on the Microsoft
Cloud and Microsoft
runs on SAP

New workplace productivity integrations, freeing people to communicate and share ideas

Next steps

With SAP ECC 6 reaching end of support in 2027, you need to start modernizing your infrastructure today

Having an experienced partner can ensure business continuity throughout your transition to the cloud. Let’s set up a meeting to explore your options and build a plan for your specific SAP cloud migration.


Of surveyed SAPinsiders require a proven and experienced Partner to implement SAP on the Microsoft Cloud

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