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Transform Seamlessly with Low Code Innovation: Microsoft Power Automate

Unleash the power of innovation with Microsoft Power Automate, the cornerstone of low-code efficiency. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft's cloud-based applications, this automation platform spans across Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Build Agile Business Processes sales play

Accelerate and automate at scale with intelligence and ease

Modernize legacy tasks and processes in a secure low-code platform

Rapidly adapt to changing business needs with out-of-the-box solutions

In today's dynamic business landscape, maintaining competitiveness hinges on the ability to ensure agility across organizational processes. The Microsoft Power Platform stands out as an unparalleled suite of comprehensive low-code tools designed to address the diverse needs of customers. Whether you're engaged in app development, workflow creation, end-to-end platform modernization, or seeking data-driven insights, this platform empowers you to automate, modernize, and efficiently tackle business challenges—with reduced dependence on scarce and costly resources. Operating within a low-code framework, it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's major cloud services, including Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365, as well as numerous other applications. The result is a holistic end-to-end business solution tailored for your organization.

Key Pillars

Drive Acceleration and Automation at Scale with Intelligence and Simplicity:

Enable every individual within your organization to automate business processes and construct applications effortlessly. This is achieved through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built data connectivity options, and seamless integration with Microsoft's everyday tools and platforms.

Secure Low-Code Modernization of Legacy Tasks and Processes:

Efficiently save both time and resources by seamlessly automating legacy tasks using low-code technology. This integration spans across various applications and services, ensuring a modernization process without compromising on security.

Adapt Quickly to Evolving Business Needs with Out-of-the-Box Solutions:

Enhance business agility by swiftly adapting workflows and processes. Out-of-the-box applications and automations empower your teams to focus on strategic work, fostering an environment where responsiveness to changing business needs becomes second nature.

Boost Productivity

Accelerate productivity and focus on more strategic work.

Automate at scale

Efficiently scale automation across your organization anytime, anywhere.

Securely integrate automation

Seamlessly integrate automation at every level more securely.

Intelligent automation

Use technology that scales to your evolving needs with the power of AI.

Do more with less by streamlining repetitive tasks and business processes—increasing efficiency and reducing costs—with Microsoft Power Automate.

Create automated workflows between business apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. With Microsoft Power Platform, Automation is not an island and works as one intelligent automation platform.

Their potential is limitless. Their time is not


ROI over 3 years


Survey respondents cited reduced errors due to increased process automation as a benefit


Efficiency gains via solutions developed with premium capabilities over 3 years

Unlock human potential by automate repetitive,
mundane tasks to free up time so your team can focus
on what matters most.

Why automation matters
Our potential is limitless. But our time is not.

And in today’s business climate, we face seemingly impossible challenges: the ever-increasing speed of business, soaring customer expectations and greater competition for resources.

What could you do

Image by Annie Spratt

With more workforce innovation

60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities

Office Building

With higher productivity

50% of work activities globally have the potential to be automated using current technology


With faster time-to-insights

64% of collecting and processing data are among the activities with the highest automation potential

Power Automate and Power Platform

Spanning Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and standalone applications


Microsoft Power BI

Business analytics


Microsoft Power Apps

Application Development


Microsoft Power Automate

Process automation


Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent chat bots

Convergence into one intelligent
automation platform

Automation is not an island







Moreover, Power Automate seamlessly integrates cloud-first automation with a range of core capabilities, consolidating them into an intelligent automation platform. This approach emphasizes that no single type of automation operates in isolation.

Among the various automation types, we will delve into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) today, specifically focusing on ui-based automation to streamline desktop activities through desktop flows.

Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can harness capabilities such as forms processing and intelligent document processing within the AI builder.

Digital Process Automation (DPA) facilitates automation across both native and third-party applications, supported by connectivity to over 400+ connectors through cloud flows in Power Automate.

Business Process Management is achieved by automating guided, multistep processes, seamlessly connecting to other systems using either DPA or RPA.

A recent addition to our suite of capabilities is the preview of the new process mining feature called Process Advisor. This tool aids in analyzing and comprehending how individuals within your organization allocate time to manual tasks daily, providing valuable insights into areas where automation could be most impactful.

All these functionalities are conveniently available within Power Automate. However, today, our focus will be on taking a closer look at Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

How Microsoft Power Automate helps organizations
with One Cloud

Digital Transformation Services

Top reasons to develop a Power Platform practice

Stand out from the competition with an in-demand differentiator

Accelerate time to market with faster builds

Secure customers by tying systems together

Power Automate is an accelerator for your business

Accelerate productivity

Accelerate productivity and focus on more strategic work

Automate at scale

Efficiently bridge modern and legacy systems across your organization

Apply intelligent automation

Increase efficency through automated workflows with the power of AI

Integrate automation more securely

More securely integrate automation at every level

Benefits of process advisor

Digital Transformation Services

Get started quickly
with the intuitive interface for capturing and recording your tasks.

Gain deeper insights
on processes and break down complex processes.

Discover new ways of

working and drive collaboration.

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