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Reimagine the Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Discover Microsoft Viva, an exceptional digital employee experience platform (EXP) designed to bridge the divide among employees navigating hybrid work environments and the leaders guiding them. By seamlessly integrating insights, knowledge, learning, and goals into the daily workflow and collaborative efforts, Microsoft Viva ensures that everyone—from employees to executives—has access to the information, connections, and insights necessary for collaborative and productive work.

Digital Transformation Services

Insights & wellbeing

Physical, mental, financial, nudges, feedback and sentiment

Learning & development

Learning and coaching onboarding, lifecycle moments, talent mobility

Purpose & alignment

Mission, goals and outcomes, achievements and recognition

Culture & communications

News, events, company resources, communities

Knowledge & expertise

People and experts, documents and content

Deliver robust employee experiences that improve employee performance, productivity, and retention


Reduction in onboarding time-to-full productivity


Reduction in content and expert discovery effort


Reduction in employee attrition

Microsoft Viva drives employee satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, and trust, derived from a stronger sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Improve business outcomes and ROI while accelerating time to market and increasing revenue




Improved employee retention


Improved productivity


Improved business outcomes

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