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Secure Cloud Migration & Modernization

Business leaders worldwide prioritize digitization across various industries, recognizing the essential role of the cloud in achieving digital transformation goals. In the post-pandemic landscape, the cloud remains pivotal for accelerating digital strategies, with organizations acknowledging its critical position in their technology portfolios. The inherent properties of the cloud, such as elasticity, scalability, and high availability, make it particularly attractive for enhancing business resiliency. The ability to establish backup and disaster recovery solutions in simpler and more cost-effective ways than on-premises alternatives further contributes to its widespread adoption.

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Future-proof your business with Microsoft Azure​

Cloud migration and modernization is a continuous process with opportunities for innovation and flexibility at every stage.

Many organizations begin with an infrastructure migration of their workloads to take advantage of cloud benefits immediately, while others begin with a platform transformation to increase agility and developer productivity.

No matter which approach you begin with, Microsoft Azure is here to help you innovate with purpose.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Innovation on
your terms

Trusted cloud

Consistency across hybrid and multicloud

Keeping up with the speed of change

Technology advancements are opening entirely new markets and creating compelling ways to connect with customers.

As you push digital transformation in the cloud beyond experimentation, driving new value to your customers, app-driven disruption provides exponential growth opportunities.

What triggers are motivating you to migrate and modernize in the cloud?

Digital Transformation Services

Providing a strong, secure foundation

Reduce costs and complexity with a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft to strengthen your security posture across operations, technology, and partnerships.


in security investment over the next five years.


customers trust Microsoft Security solutions.


global signals analyzed



compliance certifications, the largest in the industry.


malware threats blocked by Microsoft Defender between July 2021 and June 2022.

Achieve successful data-driven transformation, reap significant benefits

Embracing data as a strategic asset is key to remaining agile amidst uncertainty.

Data can provide crucial insights to help navigate complex situations, empower your employees to make better decisions, and create new customer experiences.

Using the right technology, it’s possible to harness your organization’s data, even in a world where data volume, variety, and velocity are accelerating dramatically.


of organizations that adopted data and analytics saw an increase in revenue performance.


of organizations that adopted data and analytics saw faster time to market.


of organizations that adopted data and analytics saw improvement in customer satisfaction.


of organizations that adopted data and analytics saw increased profit results.

Invest in AI transformation

The world is changing. New forces are driving innovation every day—like the use of AI.

AI technology is here now—and the potential for meaningful business impact is real.

Choosing the right AI matters. It can help you seize its full potential, while safeguarding your business, your data, and your employees. Microsoft is committed to advancing the principles and practice of implementing AI responsibly.

Radically accelerate your organization’s productivity with built-in AI.

Differentiate from the competition with intelligent apps using AI.

Trust your data to a responsible cloud provider, with security and trust built into every solution.

The technology landscape has already evolved

Organizations are moving faster


of industry’s pace of transformation has accelerated as a result of the pandemic

… but existing IT platforms prevent the agility we need



By 2024,

70% of workloads will be on the cloud

… but where do
we start?

attacks everywhere


of company networks

can be penetrated by a cybercriminal 

… but security and compliance is resource intensive

Teams work
more dynamically


of high-growth

companies use hybrid

work models 

… but how can we scale to meet the growing demand

The global pandemic has spurred rapid changes, creating a digital imperative for organizations. Amid heightened expectations for transformation, delivering tangible value becomes paramount. How do we navigate this imperative, surmount change challenges, and meet expectations simultaneously?

In a world where cloud adoption accelerates, technical debt complicates migrations. Reimagining infrastructure investments is crucial, yet initiating this shift can be perplexing. Productivity's landscape has transformed, but scaling and fostering it pose persistent challenges. Cybersecurity demands have intensified, raising questions about managing ongoing investments and resource allocation.

Stay ahead in the evolving landscape—conquer transformation challenges, reimagine infrastructure, foster productivity, and fortify cybersecurity. It's a complex journey, but the path forward is within reach.

The technology landscape has already evolved

On-premises while
cloud connected

  • Utilize certain Azure services

  • Unify to a single control-plane

  • Still managing infrastructure, updates, and a mix of tooling

Migrate to 

  • Retire on-premises hardware and overhead to lower TCO

  • Improve resiliency and BCDR

  • Maximize existing investments and skillsets (ex. Windows and SQL Server)

  • Still managing and securing
    workloads using tools that might not be cloud-native

Modernize to
cloud-native services

  • 50% faster app development1 and deployment on a secure and well-managed infrastructure

  • 53% higher productivity through intelligent automation and consolidation of tools

  • Full retirement of technical debt

  • Comprehensive and multi-layered security and governance across workloads (DevSecOps)

  • Free up time to focus on innovation with managed services

Unleash the Power of Cloud Excellence! 

Imagine a world where your team is not just productive but innovative. The true potential of the cloud lies in embracing cloud-native services – a journey that promises faster app development, intelligent automation, streamlined tools, and the freedom from technical debt, all underpinned by robust security and governance.

The Path to Cloud Excellence

  1. Azure Exploration: Begin your transformation by exploring Azure services, testing the waters of cloud-native possibilities.

  2. Unified Control with Azure Arc: Streamline your operations with a unified control plane, providing a seamless view of your entire ecosystem through a single pane of glass – Azure Arc simplifies complexity.

  3. CapEx to Cloud Migration: Say goodbye to hefty hardware expenses. Migrate to Azure for instant cost-savings, enhanced resilience, and optimized team investments, especially in Windows and SQL Server.

  4. Modernized, Cloud-Native Future: As you migrate, envision a future where you're fully modernized, living in a cloud-native world that fosters innovation and agility.

Connect with Cloud Success!

Embark on this transformative journey to unlock the full potential of the cloud. Let Azure be your guide to a future where your team thrives, innovation flourishes, and technical constraints become a thing of the past.

The benefits of migrating and
modernizing to cloud

Optimize tech


 of organizations cite managing cloud spend as a top challenge

Increase platform performance
& resiliency


Average downtime cost

per hour

Protect with built-in security
& compliance


Average cost of security


Enable agility
& innovation


Revenue risk due to bad customer experiences

Embark on Infrastructure Evolution: Unveiling Key Business Outcomes

In the realm of infrastructure migration and modernization, businesses consistently echo their aspirations through four pivotal themes:

  1. Optimizing Technology Investments: Unleash the power of existing investments, driving efficiency and cost reduction. This is particularly crucial for major investments like Windows and SQL Server, propelling organizations toward technological optimization.

  2. Ensuring Secure Platform Performance: Elevate business resilience by safeguarding critical applications. It's imperative to fortify the platform's security, ensuring steadfast performance even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

  3. Embracing Comprehensive Security and Compliance: Navigate industry changes seamlessly by embedding security and compliance at every turn. Stay attuned to rapid shifts, guaranteeing a proactive stance against evolving challenges.

  4. Infusing Agility into IT Operations: Foster adaptability in IT operations, enabling scalability amidst dynamic market conditions. Embrace innovation as a catalyst for future growth, positioning your organization at the forefront of industry evolution.

What Drives Your Business Today? 

Delve deeper into these outcomes, unraveling strategies poised to shape your organization's trajectory. Let's explore tailored approaches that align with your unique objectives and propel your business towards unparalleled success.

Azure provides a comprehensive and multi-layered security platform 

Defender for Cloud

Unified security management and intelligent threat protection across hybrid and multi-cloud workloads

Confidential Computing

Protect data in use
and enable multi-party data analytics


AI-driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Unique database security monitoring for your cloud SQL

Azure Network Security

Access to corporate resources for BYO

GitHub Advanced Security



Microsoft's $20 Billion Security Commitment: Unmatched Protection for Your Digital Realm

Did you know that Microsoft is poised to invest a whopping $20 billion in security over the next 5 years? With over 8500 dedicated security professionals and a daily analysis of 65 trillion global signals, Microsoft stands at the forefront of safeguarding your digital landscape.

Why Choose Microsoft for Your Security Needs?

Comprehensive Compliance: Boasting over 100 compliance certifications, more than any other cloud provider, Microsoft ensures your confidence in covered compliance.

Built-In Protection: Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides the broadest built-in protection across both cloud and on-premises environments. From virtual machines to identity and IoT, receive security recommendations seamlessly from a single integrated dashboard.

Sentinel's Power: Microsoft Sentinel simplifies security data collection across hybrid organizations. Using artificial intelligence, it swiftly identifies real threats, liberating you from the constraints of traditional SIEMs.

Confidential Computing Prowess: Azure Confidential Computing, in collaboration with industry leaders like AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, leads the cloud in safeguarding sensitive data during use, without requiring code changes.

Security-First Infrastructure: Embrace the shift left approach with Infrastructure as Code. Integration with developer tools such as GitHub Repos or Jenkins allows you to spot and address security issues before they reach your production environment.

Free ESUs for Legacy Workloads: Microsoft offers free ESUs for legacy Windows and SQL Server workloads, enabling you to move and secure them on Azure and modernize at your pace.

Elevate Your Security Posture with Microsoft - The Unrivaled Protector!

Explore the unparalleled security Microsoft brings to the table. Your digital fortress awaits - choose confidence, choose Microsoft.

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