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Smart Workplace with Teams

Tailored for services partners, AV integrators, and Telco operators, this campaign focuses on technology adoption, change management, and modernized teamwork. Educate decision-makers on the value of a smart workplace with Teams Phone, Rooms, and Premium. Access customizable assets for effective lead nurturing and sales activation.

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Why are businesses choosing
Microsoft Team services

Enable a consistent experience.

We provide a seamless connection between your devices and spaces.

Make collaboration hassle-free.

We simplify collaboration and communication through an intuitive and consistent Teams interface.

Optimize immersive experiences.

We make sure every collaboration is engaging, inclusive, and optimized for the modern work environment.

Foster inclusive and interactive connections.


We support solution implementation that promotes inclusivity and interactivity, regardless of how your team connects.

The speed of work is outpacing our ability

to keep up.

Teamwork tax

Increasing volume of meetings, calls, and collaboration makes it challenging to keep up with the pace of work.

Growth pains

Flexible workplaces can lead to employees, customers, and partners feeling isolated and disconnected.

Security threats

Proliferation of apps and devices can increase exposure to attacks with the potential to harm operations and your brand.

In the relentless pace of work, organizations face mounting pressures from markets, internal demands, and evolving security threats. This strain often leads to unforeseen costs, heightened risks, and employee burnout.

Team dynamics have shifted dramatically in the past three years, introducing more flexibility, remote work, and unconventional hours. Collaborating effectively in this new landscape demands heightened effort.

Every business aspires to grow, whether by expanding its customer base, increasing profits, or capturing more market share. However, growth brings fresh challenges, especially in the realm of heightened security threats.

The safety and security of information are paramount in the modern business landscape. Data breaches can incur significant financial and reputational costs. Crucial confidential meetings, from board discussions to financial talks and undisclosed product reviews, now occur online, lacking the traditional safeguards of in-person interactions.

The speed of work is outpacing our ability
to keep up.

Teamwork tax


Volume of Teams
meetings and calls
since February 2020

Growth pains


Surveyed organizations
that say ensuring Teams
cohesion and social
connections has been hard

Security threats


Increase in vishing
attacks between Q3
and Q4 of 2022

Racing Against Time: Navigating the Teamwork Tax in a Hybrid Work Era 

The pace of work has accelerated, leaving us struggling to keep up. Teamwork, crucial for organizational health and growth, is hindered by the overwhelming volume of meetings dominating our calendars.

In the last three years alone, Teams meetings and calls have tripled, contributing to what we term the "Teamwork tax."

Amidst this rapid pace, internal connections suffer as well. According to our recent Work Trend Index report, half of respondents find it challenging to connect with colleagues within their organization.

The shift to hybrid work has brought about its share of growing pains. A staggering 68% of business decision-makers note that ensuring cohesion and social connections within teams has become a significant challenge.

As we juggle increased meetings and calls, organizations are grappling with security concerns. Half of them report struggling to keep information safe, while the Trellix February 2023 Threat Report reveals a 142% spike in vishing (voice phishing) attacks from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022.

Microsoft Teams
The smart place to work

Digital Transformation Services

Since its establishment in 2017, Teams has dedicated itself to consolidating all your communication and collaboration tools into a unified hub. From chat and meetings to apps and files, Teams has become the go-to platform for over 280 million individuals each month, enhancing productivity and connectivity across work, school, and personal life.

Teams has sparked remarkable innovation from third-party independent software vendors (ISVs), corporate developers, and system integrators. This has resulted in an extensive array of more than 1,900 apps in the store and over 100,000 custom apps seamlessly integrated with the Teams platform. These apps, in conjunction with a diverse ecosystem of Teams certified devices and rooms, facilitate productivity and maintain the workflow.

With Teams, tasks such as chats, calls, meetings, and business process automation become effortlessly efficient, offering everyone a centralized space to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly.

Let Prismware collaborate with you on a
smart workplace 

Our extensive experience saves you time and money by making your transition to a smart workplace a seamless one. And once your solution is deployed, we'll continue to work with you to ensure you have the support and maintenance you need to keep your solution up and running in peak form. 


of surveyed businesses struggle to engage customers, clients and partners


of surveyed businesses say connecting teams to each other and other parts of the organization can be challenging


of surveyed businesses report finding efficiencies to save time and money can be a problem for collaboration

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we know how to put together flexible solutions that incorporate our skill set and Microsoft technology to help organizations thrive.

Unlock the value of a smart workplace
with Teams

screen 1.png

Stay connected and work from any location, whether in the office, on the go or at home, with voice and video calls through VoIP and PSTN with Teams Phone.

screen 2.png

Make your meetings more intelligent, personalized, and protected, whether it’s one-on-one, large meetings, virtual appointments, or webinars –
Teams Premium.

screen 3.png

Turn any room into an
easy-to-use and inclusive
meeting space where everyone can fully participate from anywhere with
Teams Rooms.

Elevate Your Teams Experience with Teams Phone, Teams Premium, and Teams Rooms! 

When you integrate Teams Phone, Teams Premium, and/or Teams Rooms into your Teams environment, you unlock a seamless, end-to-end integrated experience designed for maximum value.

Teams Phone: Leading the market with over 12 million PSTN-enabled users and 80 million monthly active users, Teams Phone offers a secure, modern communication solution. Stay connected and work from any location with voice and video calls via VoIP and PSTN. Enjoy traditional calling features like voicemail and call forwarding, alongside modern collaborative calling functionalities.

Teams Premium: Embrace the latest technologies, including Large Language Models powered by OpenAI’s GPT, to enhance the intelligence, personalization, and security of your meetings. Whether it's one-on-one sessions, large meetings, virtual appointments, or webinars, Teams Premium delivers an exceptional meeting experience.

Teams Rooms: Bridge the gap between remote and in-office collaboration with Teams Rooms. This team meeting room solution ensures everyone can be seen and heard, enabling full participation from any location. Teams Rooms boast the broadest deployment of cloud-connected room systems globally, with over 500,000 active devices – a remarkable 70% year-over-year growth.

Digital Transformation Services

Let us help you get your business ready to support the future of work with a smart workplace with Teams

Intelligent productivity

Boost productivity and improve the speed of business with intelligent features that are built for efficiency.


Build and nurture deep connections with colleagues, partners, and customers through people-centered experiences.


Offer consistent Teams experiences that make collaboration easy and hassle-free whether in the office, at home or on the go.


Enable a hybrid workforce by giving employees the flexibility to work securely from anywhere.

Maximize efficiency with AI-driven productivity tools and cutting-edge design for seamless meetings, calls, and collaborations.

Elevate interactions through inclusive, engaging, and connected experiences within the intelligent workspace powered by Teams.

Enable your team to work effortlessly across locations with reliable and consistent Teams experiences, fostering productivity globally.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your organization, data, and personnel are safeguarded by advanced protection within the smart workplace with Teams.

Return on investment

<6 months

Payback after go-live

$33.9M Benefits Present Value

efficiencies from communicating and collaborating within Teams

$8M three-year benefit

Improved and integrated communication with Teams Phone.

Forrester Total Economic Impact: A Microsoft commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

Microsoft Teams enables the composite organization to save time and money while empowering its employees to build deeper connections to colleagues, partners, and customers

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