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Acquire New Customers with Teams

Access the "Acquire new customers with Teams" campaign for cloud service providers, offering tailored resources to boost sales with Microsoft Teams Essentials, Phone, and Premium for small to medium-sized businesses.

Transform your business with the click of a button. Dive into the future of seamless collaboration – download our exclusive e-book now. Equip yourself with the knowledge to enhance productivity, foster teamwork, and acquire new customers effortlessly.

Team Portrait

The speed of work is outpacing our ability
to keep up.

Teamwork tax


More Teams meetings and calls since February 2020

Growth pains


Ensuring cohesion and social connections within teams has been a challenge

Security threats


Vishing attacks increased 142% between Q3 and Q4 of 2022

Three reasons to choose a smart workplace with Pirsmware & Teams

Image by Annie Spratt

Collaborate and connect from almost anywhere
Prismware and Teams intelligently connect the right people and the right information, taking the work out of working together, so you get the most from your investment.

Protect, control, and manage access to data
With enterprise-grade security, [Partner Name] can configure Teams to provide you with the advanced data protections and safeguards your business requires, along with increased security management controls.

Unlock the future of collaboration
Prismware offers ongoing support to train your team on intelligent features built for efficiency to simplify collaboration, boost productivity, and improve the speed of business.

Return on investment

<6 months

Payback after go-live

$33.9M Benefits Present Value

efficiencies from communicating and collaborating within Teams

$8M three-year benefit

due to improved and integrated communication with Teams Phone for enterprise customers.

Microsoft commissioned studies conducted by Forrester Consulting

Microsoft Teams enables the composite organization to save time and money while empowering its employees to build deeper connections to colleagues, partners, and customers

Microsoft Teams
The smart place to work

At home, in the office, and on the go, Teams brings together all your communication and collaboration tools in one place.

Meetings, chats, apps, files, calling, and so much more is all right in Teams

Digital Transformation Services

What we’ll cover…

  • How is your business adapting its communications and collaboration strategy to meet employee hybrid work expectations? Do you have in-house resources to identify new solutions or will you need a partner to help identify the tools to address your current challenges?

  • How is your company working to protect data/increase security? Do you have the resources to configure/customize solutions to meet your security needs?

  • What is your plan to consolidate across your vendors (i.e.: Zoom, WEbEx, Slack, etc.) landscape to reduce costs in the current economy?​ Do you have the resources to handle the transition process?

  • How do you plan to leverage AI to boost productivity and increase business efficiencies? Do you have a single point of contact to train users on new features and offer ongoing support?

  • How is your business using your technology investments to align people to your business goals? Would you benefit from additional guidance to ensure you get the most out of your investment?

Collaborate and connect from
almost anywhere

Image by Microsoft Edge

Flexibility to shift seamlessly between devices and spaces without interruption to the flow of work. 

Image by Microsoft Edge

Designed to make collaboration and communication easy and hassle-free with a consistent and intuitive Teams interface.

Image by Microsoft 365

Foster inclusiveand interactive connections for everyone, regardless of where they are or how they connect.

Strengthen hybrid work culture

Collaborate, communicate, and connect with others while maintaining high levels of security.

Make hybrid meetings work for everyone, wherever they are located.

Improve connections so people feel engaged with each other and the organization.

Reduce burnout with intelligent tools designed to support employee well-being.

Online Meditation

Microsoft Teams brings everyone together – no matter where you are

  • Stay connected, even when you’re apart.

  • Have more control over how you see content and meeting participants.

  • Ensure everyone has equal opportunity to contribute.

  • Stay in-the-know across the company through leadership communications
    and engagement.

screen 1.png

Dynamic view optimizes and maximizes shared content and video participants.

screen 3.png

Follow along with what is said and who is saying it with live captions.

screen 2.png

Improve corporate visibility through leadership connections with up to 20k attendees (live and on-demand).

screen 4.png

Live reactions and polls to share feedback with all participants.

Connect from virtually anywhere and any device

1. Before the meeting

  • Collaborate and align on the agenda using Teams chat and file collaboration

2. During the meeting

  • Use dial-in to join from any device

  • Take notes and collaborate on files

  • Brainstorm on a shared whiteboard

3. After the meeting

  • Stay on track with meeting recap

screen 5.png

Collaborate with others on the agenda and expectations prior to the meeting

screen 3.png

Brainstorm and collaborate on the same digital canvas with Whiteboard in Teams.

screen 6.png

Collaborate simultaneously on notes and assign tasks in Teams or OneNote during the meeting.

screen 4.png

With Meeting recap, recordings, transcripts, and shared content are saved for later reference.

Protect, control, and manage access to data

Keep your work and information safe and secure, from anywhere, without productivity declines

screen 9.png

Discuss sensitive
in confidence with end-to-end encryption for 1:1 calls and meetings.

screen 10.png

Minimize distractions and protect your employees from potential spam, fraud and more with advanced call controls.

screen 11.png

Safeguard sensitive meeting information, automate meeting controls and deter leaks so you can securely collaborate.

Keep everyone on the same page—even when they’re not in the same place

Working efficiently on files and documents can be difficult in a world where more people are working remotely, and online meetings are the norm. Does your business ever have challenges like these?

  • Only one person at a time can work on a document or file.

  • Important information gets lost in long email chains.

  • People waste time working on old versions of files.

  • You can’t control how files get shared.

  • It’s challenging to share information with customers and vendors.

Boost teamwork and productivity

People thrive when they can connect, share ideas, and achieve goals in a common space. With shared documents and files always available, your team can keep projects moving forward from wherever they work. With Microsoft Teams Essentials, you can:

  • Co-author documents, presentations, and spreadsheets during a meeting.

  • Maintain access to the latest versions of files at your fingertips.

  • Improve security with control over how files are shared.

  • Empower employees with tools that are easy to learn and use.

  • Share and communicate more securely with customers and vendors.

Enhance security

Sharing files via email can be convenient—but it lacks security controls. With Teams Essentials, you can:

  • Control file access and sharing by person or device.

  • Keep files in one highly-secure online location rather than spread across email accounts and devices.

  • Simplify security controls across the business and configure them from one place.

  • Access ongoing support from a trusted partner to handle system updates and maintenance

Work how you want

You don’t have to change how you do things to use Teams Essentials. You can:

  • Connect with your existing email and calendar solutions, including Gmail and Exchange.

  • Use the Microsoft Office desktop versions you already have.

  • Connect seamlessly with hundreds of popular business apps like Asana, Trello, Adobe, and more.

Engage employees and customers productively

Effective online meetings are critical to business success. With Teams Essentials, you can get more done with meetings that are engaging, efficient, and productive.

  • Easily engage with both your employees and your customers on a reliable platform to host meetings, chat, and collaborate.

  • Keep focus with virtual backgrounds, noise reduction, and optimized video quality.

  • Bring everyone into view while engaging in productive and fun ways using Together Mode.

  • Share screens and files and record meetings to share with those who can’t be there.

Teams Premium makes meetings more


Focus on what matters most with meetings powered by AI, including GPT from OpenAI.


Easily create meetings that meet your needs.


Help keep confidential meetings confidential.

More intelligent - Teams premium

Focus on what matters most with meetings powered by AI, including GPT

from OpenAI

screen 12.png

Automatically generates meeting notes and tasks from live meeting transcriptions, so key points and action items are never missed

screen 14.png

Easily navigate Teams meeting recordings with automatically generated chapters to help you understand the content of a meeting discussion

screen 13.png

Calls out important moments in the meeting, such as when your name was mentioned, a screen was shared, and when you’ve joined and left

screen 15.png

Reduce language barriers using live translations (for captions)

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