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Business Central for SMB

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers SMBs to conquer challenges and realize visions with a connected solution. Streamlining finance, sales, services, and operations, it enhances adaptability, efficiency, and performance, leveraging AI for actionable insights, propelling businesses forward and preparing for the future.

Ready to revolutionize your SMB? Click the button below to download our e-book, "Unlocking Business Success." Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, in collaboration with Prismware's expertise, can elevate your business to new heights.

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Disruption is the new normal


Accelerated pace
of change


New digital
business models


Global market


Hybrid work and the
gig economy

Welcome to the 2023s, where change is the only constant. Businesses are navigating disruptions that demand unprecedented speed. What started as a surge in technology is now a convergence of markets, reshaping the very fabric of business.

Unlike the business model shifts of the past decade, the upcoming changes are poised to be even more transformative. True innovation is born from reimagining business structures, not just products.

In the wake of the global pandemic, the notion of "business as usual" has given way to the unpredictable "business UN-usual." Small and midsized business (SMB) leaders grapple with labor shortages, escalating wage dynamics, and the complexities of managing a multi-generational workforce. A seismic shift in mindset has people rethinking how, when, and where they work, craving transparency, accountability, and connection in their professional lives.

Survival in this landscape requires constant innovation and adaptability. Failure to do so risks being surpassed by more forward-thinking competitors. For leaders of SMBs, the challenge is clear: empower your people to meet customer expectations, regardless of where they are or what the future holds. Now, more than ever, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it's a necessity.

Work together, Work better

When your business and productivity applications work as one, it brings your people together and helps them to be more productive. Prismware can deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to enable your employees to be more productive and your business to be more efficient.

Realize business impacts faster with a Microsoft partner.

Work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Outlook & Excel.

Break down data silos with a single source of truth.

Be more productive by accessing documents faster.

Is your business prepared for rapid change?


20% of SMBs will cease operations by 2025 because they cannot pivot fast enough to digitize their operations to meet customer demands.


73% of employees want flexible hybrid work options to stay post-pandemic.


76% of CFOs are dissatisfied with cross-functional collaboration to bridge the gap between operational and financial planning.

Empower Your SMB for the Future with Agile Financial Management 

Adapting to change is crucial for SMBs, yet traditional financial management systems often hinder rapid transformation.

By 2025, 20% of SMBs may cease operations due to the inability to swiftly digitize and meet evolving customer demands.

Post-pandemic, 73% of employees desire flexible hybrid work options, emphasizing the need for agile operational structures.

Addressing the dissatisfaction of 76% of CFOs, our solution bridges the gap between operational and financial planning, ensuring seamless cross-functional collaboration.

Unite your people and processes

When business applications talk to each other, your technology brings your people together. Our experts can make that a reality with Dynamics 365 Business Central so your employees can work more efficiently and provide better customer experiences.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Capabilities

Finance and Accounting

  • •General Ledger

  • •Unlimited Dimensions

  • •Multiple currencies

  • •Multiple companies

  • Budgets

  • ·Financial reporting

  • Consolidation

  • ·Intercompany postings

  • ·Statistical accounts

  • ·Cash flow forecast (AI)

  • ·Cost accounting

  • Deferrals

  • ·Electronic payments/direct debits

  • ·Customer payment process

  • ·Fixed assets

  • ·Late payment prediction (AI)

  • ·Bank account reconciliation

  • ·Bank account management

  • ·Check writing

Sales and marketing

  • Contact management

  • Campaign management

  • Interaction and email logging 

  • Opportunity management

  • Dynamics 365 Sales integration

Purchasing and payables

  • Purchase invoicing

  • Purchase order management

  • Purchase return order management

  • Alternative order addresses

  • Purchase invoice discounts

Project management

  • Basic resources

  • Capacity management

  • Multiple costs

  • Jobs

  • Time sheets

Warehouse management

  • Bin Tracking

  • Inventory picks and put-aways

  • Warehouse receipt

  • Warehouse shipment

Sales and delivery

  • Sales invoicing

  • Sales order management

  • Sales line pricing and discounting

  • Campaign pricing

  • Sales invoice discounts


  • Inventory control

  • Item categories and attributes 

  • Item tracking

  • Multiple locations

  • Location transfers

Service management

  • Planning and dispatching

  • Service contract management

  • Service item management

  • Service order management

  • Service price management


  • Assembly management

  • Standard cost worksheet

  • Production bill of materials

  • Basic capacity planning

  • Version management

Transform business operations in the cloud

Technology levels the playing field for emerging companies against larger firms and builds resilience in uncertain times. We can guide you on how to take advantage of recent advances in AI and automation to enable greater flexibility and productivity so you can stay ahead of the competition.


of SMBs are likely to buy a cloud solution the next time they purchase a new software solution.



By 2026, 65% of tech buyers will prioritize as-a-service consumption models for infrastructure purchases.

Cloud solutions are accelerating digital transformation for small and medium-sized businesses.


According to Gartner®, by 2027, more than 50% of enterprises will use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives.


79% of SMBs agree that the right technology solutions can help their businesses improve financial performance in uncertain times.


80% of decision-makers worldwide recognize that digital infrastructure is important or mission-critical to enabling the achievement of business goals.

Today’s marketplace is competitive

With every day bringing a new technological advancement, you need a partner that understands the business solutions that will enable you to keep pace. Successful small and medium-sized businesses have moved to the cloud with Prismware and embraced digitalization with Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

By bringing together productivity gains from various products—including Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure— Business Central delivers a single, unified application that connects business management across finance, sales, service, supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With a modern, cloud-based business management solution implemented by Prismware, you can combine your finance, sales, services, and operations teams within a single application to get the insights needed to drive your business forward and prepare for what’s next.

Adapt to growth and changing business landscape

Boost sales and improve customer service

Unlock productivity and business insights

Facilitate project

Increase financial visibility and performance

Optimize inventory and supply chain management

Deploy a next-generation AI solution with Prismware

Leverage our Microsoft expertise to empower your employees with next-generation AI. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to:

Optimize processes

Get contextual guidance within the flow of work

Digital Transformation Services

Automate workflows

Access real-time
dashboards and KPIs

Digital trends are changing manufacturing


of B2B companies are at risk of losing customers by not being fully engaged


of manufacturers expect that improved factory connectivity will help them to increase output levels


of manufacturers said that selling products as services would increase profits

Embracing the Winds of Change in Manufacturing

Digital transformation is reshaping the manufacturing landscape, where the competitive advantage extends beyond products to innovative and profitable business models.

The convergence of affordable IoT sensors, widespread mobile device usage, scalable cloud platforms, and advancements in analytics, machine learning, and AI is revolutionizing the industry. This transformation is not just a ripple; it's a tempest that's reshaping every facet of manufacturing.

In this evolving landscape, customer expectations have surged. They demand greater knowledge, responsive purchasing experiences, and a plethora of product choices. The manufacturing industry is witnessing several noteworthy trends

71% Customer Engagement Impact

B2B companies lose customers when engagement lacks depth.

80% Connectivity for Increased Output

 Manufacturers anticipate that enhanced factory connectivity will drive a significant boost in production.

83% Profit Surge through Service Offerings:

The integration of services alongside products is identified by 83% of manufacturers as a key driver for increased profits.

Manufacturers navigating these trends are not merely adapting; they're thriving in an era where resilience and innovation are the keystones of success.

Business Central for SMB!
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