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Modernize Customer Service - Banking

Elevate your Dynamics 365 Customer Service practice to meet escalating customer expectations. Unlock opportunities for Microsoft Partners by revolutionizing customer interactions through streamlined support operations. Leverage industry-aligned campaigns to fuel demand and fast-track your pipeline with comprehensive GTM materials.

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What is Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the comprehensive assistance extended to customers throughout their entire journey—starting from before the purchase, continuing during the transaction, and persisting after the acquisition of your product or service. Its primary objective is to cultivate a consistently positive and enjoyable interaction with your brand.

It involves the proactive and instantaneous provision of support, available around the clock, to meet customers' requirements on their preferred channels—be it phone, social media, email, chat, or other platforms. The aim is to establish an empathetic connection with customers, ensuring they feel valued and understood while swiftly addressing and resolving any concerns or issues they may encounter.


of customers will leave without warning due to poor customer service

The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Retention

In today's business landscape, the delivery of exceptional customer service is a critical factor influencing customer retention. A customer's decision to stay or leave is often tied to their satisfaction with the service provided. This phenomenon holds true across diverse industries.

The Consequence of Poor Customer Service

When customers perceive that the right level of service is not being delivered, they are likely to exit the relationship abruptly. Poor customer service serves as a significant deterrent, prompting customers to seek alternatives that better meet their expectations.

Universal Application Across Industries

The significance of customer service isn't confined to a specific industry; it resonates universally. Whether in retail, technology, healthcare, or any other sector, the impact of service quality on customer loyalty remains consistent.

Adapting to Customer Expectations

To meet the evolving expectations of today's consumers, service organizations must transform. Adapting to changing customer needs and preferences is imperative for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Customer service suffers without the
right tools

Inconsistent experience across channels prevent customers from feeling known or understood

Lack of 360-degree view of customers causes agents to deliver a disjointed customer experience

Inability to access support on their terms leads to decreased engagement and brand loyalty

Outdated and manual agent tools and service systems reduces agent productivity

Several factors contribute to subpar customer service, with key issues compromising the delivery of top-tier assistance. From the customer perspective, inconsistent engagement across channels hampers the sense of being known or understood. Difficulties in accessing support on their terms result in decreased engagement and brand loyalty.

On the agent side, diminished productivity stems from outdated, manual tools, and service systems. Moreover, the absence of a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers prevents agents from providing a cohesive and seamless customer experience. Addressing these core issues is crucial for elevating customer service to best-in-class standards.

Level up your customer service
with Microsoft

Digital Transformation Services


Evaluate your organization’s level
of capabilities relative to
the industry


Learn how to take your service experience to the next levelor beyond


Deliver the service experience that satisfies your customers and business goals

Let's delve into your journey and explore the ways to enhance your end-to-end customer service. A valuable starting point is the Service Sophistication Model—a framework and tool tailored for service leaders like yourself. This model provides personalized guidance to elevate your organization's level of customer service sophistication.

By leveraging this model, you gain insights into your service organization's capabilities in comparison to industry standards. This assessment highlights areas where improvements can be made and offers a clear understanding of the intricate mix of capabilities required. Armed with this knowledge, you can strategically approach the necessary strategies to deliver a refined service experience to both customers and employees.

In essence, the Service Sophistication Model serves as a roadmap, enabling you to pinpoint gaps, understand complexities, and formulate strategies essential for taking your service experience to the next level.

Make exceptional engagement the rule

Make agents’ work effortless

Empower agents to resolve issues faster

More ways to say hello

Engage your customers on their preferred channel

Show them you know them

Understand your customers deeply

Run your business fast and lean

Optimize operations in your organization

Propel your financial services business forward.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, banking organizations can leverage their data and provide seamless, end-to-end customer service experience within a single solution built on the Microsoft cloud to deliver consistent, connected support across channels.

Digital Transformation Services


50% of customers think their banking relationships are neither emotionally connected nor well-integrated into their lifestyles


90% of customers rate an "immediate" response as important or very important when they have a customer service question


65% Improved self-service cited as a key driver of decreased call volume

Empower Agents

  • Resolve customer issues faster with Copilot, an AI-powered assistant that helps search for relevant information across trusted websites and internal documents.

  • Provide employees with the support needed to deliver a consistent experience with guided workflows and a unified view of the customer.

  • Increase employee effectiveness and cross-team collaboration by connecting relationship managers, private bankers, loan officers, agents and advisors with customers in a low friction compliant way.  

Deliver differentiated experiences

  • Offer prospective customers seamless, personalized interactions on the channel of their choice.

  • Build understanding at every interaction and act where it matters most. 

  • Rich self-service capabilities via digital channels and with secure, low friction authentication .

Optimize operations

  • Improve customer retention and enhance upsell rates with real-time personalized interactions and supporting offers

  • Improve fraud detection with adaptive AI that continuously monitors fraud patterns.

  • Develop agility to evolving  global conditions and ensure business continuity with    remote collaboration.   

  • Unify data and apply advanced analytics to predict risks, stay  on top of regulatory requirements, and increase operational efficiency.

Modernize your's service now!
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