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We can help you strengthen your Security Operations Center

Simplify your defense against threats with a modern, cloud native SIEM powered by AI

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The expanding digital estate has resulted in new SecOps challenges.


Digital estates produce greater quantity and diversity of data than ever

To protect them, defenders need visibility into everything—including many different endpoints, clouds, and more—and respond to these threats from a single pane of glass.


Managing many siloed security products is incredibly complex

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are poorly integrated across security products; this leaves gaps and can waste SecOps time juggling security products, and hunting and linking alerts together.


Modern environments generate overwhelming alerts and noise

SecOps teams struggle to separate the signal from massive amounts of noise, resulting in longer resolution times full of manual investigation.

We can help you enhance your SIEM with three critical components in order to meet these challenges:

Gain immediate access to a wealth of comprehensive intelligence, empowering you to meticulously analyze expansive datasets with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness, surpassing previous capabilities.

AI analyzes this enormous breadth of data and turns signals into meaningful intelligence, fueling every step of security operations from detection to response to hunting.

Automation is built into every stage of the security lifecycle, allowing SecOps to spend time on what really matters: focusing on deeper, more proactive work.

Top cybersecurity concerns

Ransomware attacks are more sophisticated

Microsoft security researchers
show that ransomware demands have doubled between 2021 and 2022.



Average cost of recovering from a data breach is now U.S.$4.35M.

Organizations are
feeling the pressure

2 in 5 security leaders surveyed report feeling they’re at extreme risk due to cybersecurity staff shortage.

Modern environments generate overwhelming alerts and noise

Collect and analyze data with the power and scale of the cloud

It all starts with the cloud. Microsoft Sentinel is cloud-native, which means that you have unlimited compute and storage resources, the ability to scale at will, and can eliminate infrastructure set-up and maintenance.

Fuse data to detect evolving threats


Detect evolving and unknown threats with fusion, which looks across all your data to turn signal into meaningful incidents. Easily incorporate threat intelligence across multiple sources into your detections and investigations. Plus, get deeper insight into user and entity behavior with built-in, native user and entity behavioral analytics

Investigate incidents with full context

AI automatically maps related alerts into incidents so you can understand the full scope of an attack immediately. Seamlessly take your investigation deeper with bi-directional incident sync with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Respond across all of your tools with built-in SOAR


Built-in security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities allow you to automate and orchestrate responses directly from your control center. Reduce mean time to respond from hours to minutes using built in automation tools.

Shift from reactive to proactive with advanced threat hunting

With efficiency gains, you’ll be able to do more proactive hunting. Rapidly hunt for threats using the speed and scale of the cloud, armed with advanced hunting tools.

Get ready for your SecOps command and control center

We’re experts at providing Microsoft security solutions and we can help you deploy Microsoft Sentinel, so you get cloud speed and scale, AI, and automation.

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