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Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics

Empower Your Business with Cloud Scale Analytics Campaign in a Box Unlock the potential of data in today's digital landscape, where it serves as the lifeblood of businesses, propelling innovation and fostering growth. To stay competitive and secure long-term success, organizations must tap into the power of data to drive AI transformation.

Our Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics campaign is crafted to assist your customers in accelerating the value extracted from their data. Future-proof their data estate by centralizing and curating all data and analytics workloads—from on-premises to various clouds—on a unified, open, and governed foundation.

Don't just stay informed; stay ahead. The future of banking is here, and the keys to unlocking its potential lie within these pages. Join Prismware in deciphering the secrets to Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics.

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Modernization leads to accelerated gravity for optimized digital transformation


More likely to acquire a customer


More likely to retain a customer


More likely to be profitable as a result

In the dynamic landscape of today's data-driven world, organizations must enhance data value and literacy to stay competitive. The surge in available data, coupled with technological advancements, underscores the crucial need for improved data utilization. As the business arena evolves, standing out and maintaining momentum pose challenges. Organizations adept at unlocking and leveraging this data surge gain a strategic edge over their competitors.

Modernizing data and analytics practices is the key to harnessing these benefits. This transformation empowers organizations to generate advanced analytics for informed decision-making, automate repetitive tasks, and minimize errors. The ripple effect includes heightened employee and customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a positive impact on the bottom line.

Today’s data value creation challenges

Costly integration and ongoing maintenance

Gaining BI adoption to streamline data sharing

Technical platforms requiring advanced skills

Data and security risks

Organizations encounter significant challenges in scaling their data and analytics despite recognizing the imperative for advanced digital transformation. The hurdles include disparate and siloed data and systems lacking interoperability, technically complex platforms demanding advanced analytics skills, difficulties achieving widespread business intelligence (BI) adoption, resulting in challenges in streamlining data sharing across teams and lines of business (LOBs). The process is further hindered by costly integration and ongoing maintenance, heightened security risks accompanying large datasets, and the ongoing struggle to fulfill analytics promises within limited resources. In essence, the integration of data and systems proves to be a complex and costly endeavor, hindered by technical complexities, challenging BI adoption, security concerns, and constrained resources.

Data is the oxygen of digital transformation

Driving analytics modernization is the key to unlocking value from your data

In our digitally driven era, businesses orbit around the nucleus of data and intelligent applications, akin to atoms in the physical realm. Similar to electrons encircling the nucleus, data inputs and signals serve as the foundational elements propelling intelligent applications and steering data-centric decision-making. By harnessing the right data inputs, businesses unlock the potential of intelligent applications, paving the way for valuable insights, streamlined processes, and unprecedented growth.

Embarking on analytics modernization yields a spectrum of benefits

  • Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized experiences.

  • Boost workforce morale and engagement with enhanced employee experiences.

  • Optimize energy usage and improve productivity through intelligent operations.

  • Accelerate innovation with products that facilitate near real-time insights.

Digital Transformation Services

Unify your multi-cloud data estate for connected intelligence


Unlock more value from your data sources

of companies have a mostly manual approach to discovering data within their enterprise


Improve analytics efficiency

say their organizations have increased their data and analytics investments over the previous two years


Innovate by moving from proprietary to open standards

of leaders are leveraging open-source analytics tools, databases, and application

Maximize Data Potential Through Unification

Elevate your data game by unifying your hybrid and multi-cloud data estate—a crucial first step toward unlocking its true potential. Data unification empowers you to centralize and curate all your business data within a single, governed hub, paving the way for transformative analytics.

Enhance Analytics Efficiency

Boost the efficacy of your analytics with a lake-first approach that eradicates redundancies, improves data quality, and accuracy. Empower your teams to automate analytics processes, identify data trends, and leverage advanced analytics tools. Optimize costs with a connected data solution that seamlessly analyzes on-premises, cloud-based, and third-party sources. Embrace advanced technologies to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for faster insights.

Unlock Greater Data Value

It's staggering that 55% of companies still rely on a mostly manual approach to discovering data within their enterprise. Unify your disparate data sources to extract more value by streamlining storage into one accessible location. Adopt a lake-first approach for confidence in using the most accurate and up-to-date data, facilitating quicker, reliable solutions.

Transition to Open Standards

Embrace an integrated and open standards data estate for enhanced flexibility and scalability. Open standards not only cater to evolving business needs but also foster secure collaboration and innovation for developers, enabling them to leverage familiar tools and languages. Make the shift from proprietary to open standards and future-proof your data strategy.

What happens when you scale analytics across your entire business?


of business executives report increased revenue


of business executives have increased operational efficiency


of business executives report increased market share

It’s time to think about how you can optimize your architecture for analytics models to derive the most value out of them. As a Microsoft partner, we can help guide you and unlock all the benefits of Azure so you can ….

Produce datasets that serve both data analysts and

data scientists

Give teams the ability to use historical data any time

they need

Use semantic data science to perform complex queries

and analysis

Enable data assets to be reused for faster access to insight

Organizations are focused on analytics and AI

So, what’s holding you back?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking for ways to move toward deriving better business intelligence from your data. The problem is that data estates are complex and have evolved over time. And that leads to a variety of challenges.

Integrate all your data into a unified, SaaS-based analytics solution

Digital Transformation Services

We can help you revolutionize
your analytics models

Transform data
at scale

Scale compute and
storage independently

Sophisticated AI
with speed

Uncover insights and drive innovation with a unified analytics solution for the era of AI

Lake-centric and open foundation

Align teams with a unified source of truth

Center of enablement for every user

Enable secure, democratized insights across your organization

Accelerated time to value

Leverage a powerful solution with flexibility in cost and usage

Persistent security and governance

Integrate your services with an open, secure, and governed foundation

Connected intelligence for all applications

Enable better decision-making for transformative impact

In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead is imperative for success. Microsoft Fabric equips businesses with the tools to maintain a competitive edge. Featuring Power BI and seamless Microsoft Cloud integrations, users gain access to robust analytics for informed, real-time decision-making.

A standout feature of Microsoft Fabric is its capacity to handle the entire analytics architecture without data movement. Users can engage with their data in real-time, bypassing the complexities of data migrations or warehousing projects. Notably, Fabric is an open solution, avoiding proprietary lock-ins and allowing businesses the flexibility to choose tools that align with their needs.

With integrated security and governance, Microsoft Fabric facilitates responsible data democratization while safeguarding sensitive information. Its transparent billing model enables businesses to effortlessly track expenses, empowering them to make informed decisions about their analytics investments.

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