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Secure Multi-cloud Environments with Prismware

Cloud-native protection with Microsoft’s leading threat protection technologies and shared intelligence

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Securing multi-cloud

Visibility into security and compliance


of organizations cite secure configuration of cloud resources as a top priority.

Protect against increasing, sophisticated attacks


is the average cost of a breach, 2021.

Manage access and permissions for users and applications


different cloud services are used by enterprises, on average.

Develop and operate secure apps in the cloud


of code vulnerabilities are caused by developer error.

Strengthen your cloud security posture

Easily assess and improve the secure configuration of your critical multi-cloud resources

Digital Transformation Services
  • Let’s talk about how you can ensure that you’ve configured your cloud infrastructure in a secure manner to protect your IaaS and PaaS environments.

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud continuously assesses the security state of your cloud resources across virtual machines, networks, apps, and data services. It even monitors server workloads running in other clouds and on-premises data centers. Its multi-cloud capabilities help you visualize your security state and quickly get insights on your configured security controls.

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides multicloud support: now you can get visibility into the posture of not just Azure, but also Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services – as well as your hybrid environment, including Windows and Linux servers. You can now have a preview of unified, multi-cloud security posture from Defender for Cloud. 

  • Secure Score is the core of Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s security-posture-management capabilities. Secure Score provides insight into your current state and recommends actions to help prioritize steps you can take to improve your security posture. This scoring system offers best-practice guidance and recommendations that can help prevent common misconfigurations such as exposure of sensitive resources to the internet, lack of encryption, uninstalled updates, or a missing firewall for your cloud workloads. Defender for Cloud also continuously discovers new resources as they deploy across your workloads and assesses whether you have configured them according to security best practices. The system flags any anomalies and creates a prioritized list of recommended fixes you need to protect your machines

The increasingly complex state
of cybersecurity

Hybrid work is expanding the attack surface

Rapid acceleration and increasing sophistication of cybercrime

Rising cost of cybersecurity risk mitigation and remediation

Build secure apps in the Cloud

Empower developers with the only community-driven, native application security testing
solution within the developer flow

  • Develop securely, from idea to ship

  • Fix the vulnerabilities that matter the most for your organization in minutes

  • Trust your software with an end-to-end, automated security solution

Protect workloads against advanced threats

Cloud-native protection with Microsoft’s leading threat protection technologies and shared intelligence

Digital Transformation Services

Industry-leading security from Microsoft

Digital Transformation Services

Secure multi-cloud environment now!
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