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Secure Productivity for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are dedicated to helping your small or medium business thrive with Microsoft Business Premium. 

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Everything you need to run and grow your business while keeping your data safe

Collaborate in real time

Enable remote access and protect identity

Protect against cyberthreats and data loss

Easily secure and manage devices

Top of mind for our customers…

How do you meet employee needs for remote flexibility AND in-person collaboration?

of remote workers do not feel included in meetings

How do you enable seamless work from anywhere?

of leaders fear productivity has been negatively impacted since the shift to hybrid work

How do you keep data secure when it’s now everywhere?

of small and medium businesses allow employees to access work data on personal phones and computers

Security is top of mind for every business

Employees are working from more locations than ever. Are you confident that your data is safe

Businessman Using Laptop


Ransomware attacks in the past year, with more than 50% targeted at small businesses 

1 in 4

Nearly one in four small
or medium businesses state that they had a security breach in the last year 


Over 70% think cyber threats are becoming more of a business risk 


average cost of a
SMB data breach

AI-powered tools represent an enormous opportunity


of people have struggled with finding time and energy to get their work done.


Amount by which time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings and calls has increased per week since February 2020.


Share of people who would delegate as much as possible to AI to lessen their workloads.


Likelihood of a leader to say AI will provide value by boosting productivity vs. cutting headcount.

What we’ll cover…

What are the key challenges that small and medium business face in a hybrid work world?

Why should you trust Microsoft for security?

How does Microsoft 365 Business Premium help in reducing your IT cost and complexity?​

How does Microsoft 365 Business Premium enable secure productivity?

How can you get ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Build a foundation of secure productivity to get AI-ready

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can safely run your business from anywhere with a secure, comprehensive, AI-powered cloud solution that makes hybrid work, work.

Set up a strong Zero-Trust foundations

Keep your data safe and defend against advanced cyberthreats.

Simplify endpoint management

Easily enable remote desktop access and control which devices and users can access your work data.

Unleash intelligent productivity

Save money and do more with a single platform and get ready for a new way to work with AI.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Cloud services, desktop apps, and advanced security

Digital Transformation Services

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Benefits

Comprehensive and easy to use

One solution for productivity and security Cloud platform simplifies deployment Gets you up and running quickly

Reduces costs

Eliminates costs of multiple point solutions Eases licensing complexity Reduces helpdesk costs

Enterprise grade technology

Integrated security; trusted by enterprises AI-powered threat intelligence Top-rated security vendor

Simplify endpoint management

Streamline remote desktop access and control for work data

Business Consultation

Simplify and streamline endpoint management

Digital Transformation Services

Easily enable remote desktop access for employees on any device, while you maintain central management and security of your users’ desktops.

Control which devices and users can access your work data with options to block users from logging in from home computers, un-approved apps, or outside of work hours. 

Digital Transformation Services

Get AI-ready and eliminate redundant solutions in three simple steps

Set up strong Zero Trust foundations

Verify explicitly, use least privilege access, and assume breach

Streamline endpoint management

Protect, manage, and support all endpoints and apps

Unleash intelligent productivity

Get more done in less time and with less hassle with the power of AI


Deliver the best experience


Keep people, data, and devices        protected
and private through hardware and software security designed to work together.


Reduce disruptions
with unobtrusive IT features and experiences to help employees stay focused.


Upgrade to Windows 11 with confidence,
with over 99% app compatibility and App Assure.


Embrace inclusivity
with enhanced accessibility, e.g., system-wide live captions, natural voice access.

Enhance endpoint security across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices

Digital Transformation Services

Manage and protect any endpoint from the cloud


Manage company-owned and BYO 
devices with a single solution providing visibility, recommendations, and data.


Get on-by-default security
that complies with Zero-Trust requirements and automatic updates to Windows and Microsoft 365.


Build endpoint compliance
with modern servicing of Windows devices.


Set risk-based Conditional Access
and app-based conditions policies.

Work Desk

Secure and manage the devices that access your company’s data

Manage work data on mobile devices

Secure Windows devices 

Automate deployment using Autopilot

Image by Windows

Enable remote desktop access with Windows Virtual Desktop


Deliver the only multi-session Windows 10 experience that’s highly scalable and stays up to date.


Enable optimizations for Office.


Migrate RDS desktops and apps and simplify licensing and reduce costs.


Deploy and scale in minutes. Manage with ​unified admin interface in Azure Portal.


Support any end-user device platform including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and HTML 5.

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