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Fortify data security to protect your most sensitive data.​

There are more remote workers than​ ever. Collaboration is at an all-time high. People access data from a variety of devices. Is your data security strategy keeping up? We can help.​

Working from Home

Data security is a formidable and evolving challenge​


data security incidents experienced on average in the past year with 20% of them being severe.


of organizations experienced an incident with business data, such as intellectual property, exposed in the past year.


more data security incidents for organizations that employ more security tools (16+) than those with fewer security tools.

Discovering and managing data is challenging

All organizations deal with data that is sensitive, and protecting this data is a top priority for them. But it’s easier said than done. 

Just finding that data is a challenge- knowing how to identify it, where it’s located, and how it’s being shared is such a big problem that 80% of it is dark. 

That 88% of organizations have no confidence that they can detect and prevent loss of their sensitive data. Our current climate of remote work and data being shared through non-corporate-managed devices in non-corporate locations. And the problem just compounds.


But fear not, we have a solution.

Colleagues at Work

Traditional data security policies are no longer effective.​

1. Discover and protect sensitive data

wherever it lives, throughout its lifecycle

2. Identify risks by understanding

how people access and use data

3. Prevent data from unauthorized use

dynamically based on user risk

It’s time for a new approach using Microsoft Purview

What is it? Microsoft Purview delivers comprehensive data security by integrating Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Insider Risk Management, and Adaptive Protection together to help you better understand and mitigate your data risks.​

Digital Transformation Services

Four layers of protection help safeguard all​ your data.

Why is Microsoft Purview different?​

Digital Transformation Services

A simple, integrated,​
and intelligent solution that covers your entire data stack

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Comprehensive visibility across your diverse digital estate to uncover hidden risks​

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End-to-end data security with integrated solutions that are all built on the same platform.​

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AI-powered security that enables your people to get ahead of potential incidents​

It’s time to secure your data. We can help

​​​As a Microsoft partner focused on security, we want to show you all the benefits of Microsoft Purview, and help you get started. Whether you need an assessment of where you are today or are ready to start using Microsoft Purview, we have the experience and knowledge you need to get started.​

Fortify your data security now!
Start by downloading our e-book

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